15.09.18 New Journey to the West – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with QQ links* It’s already the 3rd week, QQ Video has not once released the clips on time… It was rumored that they’d post the unsubbed videos first, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully the Chinese subs will be done in the afternoon. I can’t watch the show on V app, so I don’t know what the status of the English subs is.

Ep 11 XiAn City Wall Tour! An Unexpected Bicycle Race?



Ep 12 Visiting Terracotta Army with Na PD!



Ep 13 Second Dragon Ball Mission! Brand Quiz!



Ep 14 A Chilling/Quivering Night with ‘Low-Frequency Massager’



Ep 15 Wake-up Mission! The Culprit of the Shoe-Disappearance Incident?



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7 Responses to 15.09.18 New Journey to the West – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Airen Latinas says:

    In V app, was uploaded one hours later but without sub, we think probably they will be in a few hours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They did a good editing this week. Even without engsubs I can enjoy the show much better than last week. All the guys worked so hard for this trip, they deserved all the best editing. Hopefully they would remain this good editting for next week episodes.

  3. shintaa says:

    i need your help pleaseee, i cant watch on v app, neither tvcast (link above) cause naver block my country (?) :(( can someone tell me how to watch this? i really want to support them by watch it trough official uploader, i used to watch it trough vapp but unfortunately my android broke and when i try my mom’s android it cant work huhu

  4. Jo says:

    Hi all,

    I have watch ep 1-10 in dramanice wf eng sub if that helps.

  5. Movark says:

    QQ seems to have blocked outside blockers too.

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