15.09.23 GoongHap Filming Team Fanpic – Lee Seung Gi

While filming in Andong a few days ago, the movie team had a get-together at a restaurant called 모정 (MoJung). A restaurant staff posted this picture saying “look for Lee Seung Gi & Shim Eun Kyung.” I really wasn’t sure where SeungGi was hiding in the picture, so I didn’t post it.

credit: jk0555

But the picture resurfaced today; someone seemed pretty confident s/he found our two leads.

credit: pjh7722

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3 Responses to 15.09.23 GoongHap Filming Team Fanpic – Lee Seung Gi

  1. HopesDD says:

    For SeungGi, it is sure him, I can’t recognize SEK, but for LSG, even with that bit, I’m sure it’s him.
    I like the friendly atmosphere, they’re sitting together, I’m expecting a great chemistry between the two ❤

  2. where is seunggi i cant find him

  3. Airen Larinas says:

    The funny thing is that I immediately recognized SEK (It is definitely her) but I thought that Seung Gi was the blue and yellow guy >.< And I called myself an Airen LOL

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