Lee Seung Gi Fanvid: A Song to Make You Smile

This fanvid was made last year, but I don’t think I’ve posted it before:

credit: moliao

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One Response to Lee Seung Gi Fanvid: A Song to Make You Smile

  1. That song, means a lot to me and I think for many more in the same situation. The 1rst time I heard it, I was having such a rough time and felt heart broken and so alone. Surfing the web looking for random stuff I find myself (as many times) looking at korean shows and ending (as always again) looking at Seung Gi’s stuff and there I find this JEWEL of a song. The exact words I needed to hear , the same situation I was experimenting. It help Me heal, made me feel better and at the end, smile with hope, thinking that I would and (I did) eventually get better. That is one of the reasons I like Seung Gi so much. Not only His amazing talent , intelligence and personality, but the fact that He had bring me through his art and work, hapiness. Since His beginning in TV shows made me laugh and with His songs, touching peoples lives, feelings. His Dramas and movies too. That’s why I like Him so much, Me, not been korean, not even speaking the language, I adore him and this made me look for learning slowly, to understand better the words, the expresions and enjoying it all the way. Thanks for the creators of this beautiful video and You for sharing it. Muchas, muchas gracias, son expectaculares! Las mejores Fans! ( Thanks, thank you so much, you are spectacular! The best Fans ever!).

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