Photo with Lee Seung Gi at GoongHap Get-together

The picture was just posted on this child actress’s IG account, but it’s not clear when or where it was taken:

credit: gaeun9335

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11 Responses to Photo with Lee Seung Gi at GoongHap Get-together

  1. Anonymous says:

    From SeungGi and EunKyung outfit, looks like it was from CJ Entertainment’s 20th anniversary party 🙂

    • tryp96 says:

      Wow, you’re very sharp-eyed! It does look like the same shirt. But I don’t think they attended the CJ party; they just recorded the video to be played at the party. So GoongHap team probably had a get-together before that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I mean it like that.. ^^’
        Not related with Goonghap, but Tryp, can I ask about Seoul Music Awards? Saw Official fanclub already posted about it, that the voting already began yesterday (27 November) and SeungGi is nominated for both bongsang and popularity awards. I read that Global voting for i-fans will start in December, which the date is still undecided, but some ppl say it start in december for iOs user, and already start for android user.. so it made me worry that it is just me who has problem.. ^^’
        And somehow I was wondering, as far as I can remember, in SMAS 2013, we i-fans can do nothing in this vote (but thanks God SeungGi won both bongsang and popularity awards for Return ^^), but now looks like everyone already eager to vote. was the system already changed? Some ppl say i-fans vote will also reflect to popularity award, but some say that it only for Hallyu Special Award. Are nominee for hallyu award the same with popularty award? I get confused.. 😆

        • Anonymous says:

          Looks like it already started, here’s the tutorial, though I still can’t make it.. TT

        • tryp96 says:

          Sorry, my work has been unexpectedly crazy lately despite the holiday, so I haven’t paid much attention to this. But honestly, a lot of those Korean awards have become so corrupted, and their voting systems are merely a way to make money off the eager fans. So a lot of Korean fans have been boycotting those awards. But without everyone’s committed participation, it would be difficult to win. And without a good chance for winning, I cannot conscientiously ask people to spend their time and money on such votings. But if all the fan groups agree to make a concerted effort, that would be a different story.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tryp, I saw this on twitter. Do you think it’s reliable?

        • tryp96 says:

          I think it was originally posted in DC drama gallery, and it’s only a rumor at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

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