15.12.21 Airen GoongHap Support Event Proof Shots 2

credit: ladysukheekwon

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8 Responses to 15.12.21 Airen GoongHap Support Event Proof Shots 2

  1. seunggilover says:

    finally he’s done filming. wish the movie big success! 🙂 anyways missing him so much! seriously cant wait for his drama comeback. dramagod please be good to our Seunggi 🙏

  2. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    Yes! Awesome Girft. I like Seung Gi’s personality, character, intelligence and talent, but phisically… I LOVE His back, Oh My, the back and lower back ( and abs) those are the lustily sexy areas of His body I love more…and well there are the cute ones that make the heart race like crazy (His eyes, dimple, smile, hair)…oh Boy, His is beautiful ALL Over, even His feet are pretty! Thanks for sharing the photos and specially the last one of His gorgeous back!

  3. renaijidai says:

    the hoodie really beautiful!! and SeungGi smile also wonderful~~ Airens Jjang!!

  4. Elvira campo. says:

    What drama????

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