Psy “I want to work on Lee Seung Gi’s last album before enlistment”

Singer Psy showed extraordinary affection for hoobae singer Lee Seung Gi.

The last show of Psy’s year-end concert ‘All Night Stand 2015’ took place at Olympic Gymnasium Stadium at 11:58pm KST on December 26.

On that day, appearing on stage singing his debut song ‘Because You’re My Woman,’ Lee Seung Gi chatted and (jokingly) praised himself, “This is Lee Seung Gi who’s guesting in the last time slot for 3 years in a row. Which other lovely dongsaeng could have such consistent attendance that’s enough to win the perfect attendance award I wasn’t able to win in high school?”

Getting a rare [TN: but not so rare for SeungGi 😛 ] call for encore as a guest, Lee Seung Gi sang one more song after ‘Let’s Go On Vacation’ and left the stage.

Psy said, “I helped Lee Seung Gi debut, and now he’s about to enlist next year. With the mindset of ‘One who tied the knot must untie it,’ I decided I should also compose his last song, and I’ve already asked him,” and raised expectations.

Psy has made headlines being the producer of Lee Seung Gi’s debut album “A Moth’s Dream’ that was released in 2004.

source: news1 via nate
English translation:

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14 Responses to Psy “I want to work on Lee Seung Gi’s last album before enlistment”

  1. HopesDD says:

    Yes please, as a selfish fan a singer Seung Gi more (fans like me aren’t served much, and I am a fan of ALL Seung Gi, but I remember I fell for his voice & smile, personallity was a plus) ahem :P.. I was saying, OMG *spazzing* I’d die for a winter or spring Seung Gi comeback, especially from Psy. “Dream of a Moth” is well hell of a great album, from start to finish “Encore” is a perfect ending song.
    My point is, I’d die for another album or mini, that should be promoted properly, and a concert too. In my perfect world, Seung Gi would do a drama, min-album, NJttW 2, concert than lives. But he’s human, and I want him to rest and be healthy. I’ll just quietly expect his new announcement.

    • HopesDD says:

      I’m ashamed of the number of typos I made é_è, I meant “fan of”, “one hell”, “than leaves”, I was too excited to write correctly 😛

  2. i’m sry what’s the meaning of this expression “One who tied the knot must untie it”

    • amy says:

      I don’t really sure but I think it means like…since Psy is the one who composed debut song for Seunggi, he feels the need to composed another last song before Seunggi enlists. Like he’s the one who started it, so he has to be the one who end it too, if that makes sense.

  3. seunggilover says:

    If this truly happen, how great would it be ! 😀 I don’t mind if it would be a mini-album or just a single, I just wish we had something to anticipate from singer LSG next year and may the song hits big like Return. Most importantly, have a beautiful music video please ! We still didn’t get justice for the damaged footage of And Goodbye MV in last June. I love Father, a song that Seunggi duet with Psy. The lyrics is so sweet and touching I wish Psy can write that kind of song for him. Also, it would be nice if he could have a photo essay book like in 5.5 mini album too as a gift for fans before enlistment. His writing is just so eloquent and meaningful we can read it every time we miss him while he’s away 😉

  4. Yon says:

    it’s a surprise but I hope it will comes true. I wonder if Psy said it because it is in the work already.. i’m surprised because they do not seems to have the time for it. usually the celebrity needs to enlist within months after their birthday. even if it is just a single, i’m will be happy…

  5. lsgapprentice02 says:

    yes please 1 more album 🙂

  6. amy says:

    Am so excited hope this will come true. >< He barely promotes his album this year so I think he really needs to have another album/single. A more meaningful one. I mean Hook need to promote his album better, make a proper MV, hold an album fan signing, more live performance and showcase etc.

    • HopesDD says:

      Yes! We get it that Hook plays it the “clean” way, and it’s amazing how far our Seung Gi has come without the push and media-play, but to see such a gem go underrated like “And…” album makes me sad and mad at them, Seung Gi had a long hiatus as a singer, they should have put in more efforts.

      • amy says:

        So true sometimes Hook is so frustrating. If it were not for the close family-like relationship between SeungGi and Hook staffs, I would have wanted SeungGi to move into another bigger company like LOEN/1theK or CJ E&M Music (for music) or Key East (for actor) SeungGi could have become much bigger than he is now if he got more proper promotion and management. Not to mention how many times already Airens were frustrated with Hook coordinator and stylist. I hope Hook will pull themselves together and do better for next year especially next year will be SeungGi’s last year before enlistment.

        • LSGOnly says:

          Speaking in general, everything happens or doesn’t happen for a reason to place us where and who we are today.

          I agree with several Airen that Hook has under promoted our World Star in several occasions but I’d like to think of it positively. Maybe the ‘conservativeness’ in which Hook promotes Oppa has helped him to remain so humble despite his stardom when compared to others in the industry. I truly believe Hook has the best interest for Seunggi and thank them (and all of the Hook family) for always supporting him.

  7. omuraiisu says:

    As greedy fan of singer SeungGi, I hope SeungGi will take this love call from his dear hyung.. ❤ Of course I want a drama too.. but ottoke.. I can't refuse the idea for any chance to see more of singer SeungGi. ❤
    Btw, so that's some meaning of his ment.. kkk.. so witty and sweet as always. When this humble man sweetly "bragging", it was for showing affection and how proud he is. The kind of brag that will not make people feel sick but happy instead. He did this kind of introduction in teacher Sunhee concert too, proudly saying he's teacher favorite student.. ^3^. And I also love when he "bragging" to fans like in his message. It's to show how happy, thankful and proud he is of his Airens. I just can stop admire this man.. ❤

  8. ayhu wahyuni says:

    wooaah very exited. i hope new album from oppa 😀 psy, i wont you 😀

    2015-12-27 21:39 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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