16.01.02 Taiwan Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi was on the entertainment news for his 3MAD guest appearance, and they talked about his high popularity. But did they really have to mention his ex?

credit: news.ebc

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13 Responses to 16.01.02 Taiwan Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s really annoying since her fans are rude ,crude in their talk about Seunggi oppa , u can also say gross, terrible & b*** , i’m sory but i have to say they really represent their idol well

    • Anonymous says:

      and i really wish that he’s in relationship now as they say and i really wish he would get marry soon as they spread rumors about him so as then they and their idol well burn in HELL.

      • Sarah says:

        you sound really mad I understand. well everyone else is mad too but please don’t curse out here. you’re going to spark fan war it’s tiring.. and sadden me…. don’t make it worse and don’t make fandom looks bad. can we please just ignore those rude fans… they can’t hurt you unless you let them so stay away yourself from them in any case. if you see people talk bad about Seung Gi, block them right away before you get any emotional and attack them. Sometimes I feel like coming out to defend too but I choose to ignore because I know it’s only going to make things become worse, not like they’re going to give in nor apologize nor argue nicely even when we talk nicely. Afaik, Kpop fans have always been more aggressive than actor fan, so there’s no point to deal with them. In short words, just don’t associate in any sort of ways with them. Don’t even mention anything related to their idol. Let’s just care things within our fandom and never care about everything else, okay? I just want peace like the old days, please.

        • Anonymous says:

          i’m sry but i was out of patients, and it was just so annoying no one is talking back to them and they badmouthing him all the time and so impolite with us , i guess u’re right i apologize again

          • Sarah says:

            I feel you. Who won’t be mad and lose patients if other people badmouthing your fave, right? Some fans sure are annoying but don’t let them get to you. It’s not like others don’t want to argue back, but I’m pretty sure most of Airens choose to not give a damn about them. Anger isn’t gonna solve problems anyway and we don’t want stoop to their level by putting someone else down. Let’s be as classy and polite as our Seung Gi. Like star, like fan. 😉

  2. LSGapprentice says:

    I really understand that they have many immature fans. And because they are one of the biggest girlgroup in korea.
    Eventhough I, myself dont like her fandom–(cause most of their immature fans is always obsesse in outside beauty and I have read many articles in the comment section mocking seung gi hyung’s appearance and it makes my blood boil LOL. But for now, We should all move on and forget them. hahahaha let us all focus in Seung gi hyung’s next project,and support him whatever decision he is going to make.
    I just really hope that Seung gi hyung will find happiness to a non-celebrity woman, cause im tired of defending him against annoying ****** fans XD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’ll make Seunggi-ya sad if you do such things …. don’t stoop to their level … just ignore them … that’s the best way !!! Life is so simple … don’t complicate !!!

  4. HopesDD says:

    Journalists now a days are all trash, what can we expect? The only thing we can do is ignore haters, and focus on his career more. They can say whatever, I realised that rumors won’t touch him, since it’s all lies. What matters is his career in his home country, and what they’re doing now is publicuty, altought it falls under “bad publicity”, but let’s say that people are more attracted to bad things, once they figure it’s all BS, more people will love him. Do I make sense?

    Let’s focus on positive stuff, move on from that “past” and be a better fandom. There’s a saying that silence is the best answer for fools 😉 we can do it Airens 😉 fighting ^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guys~ I think we should follow the lead of Korean Airens… and show restraint and discipline, very much the Korean way. They/We feel exactly the same way but never comment on the situation. because silence speaks louder than words. and silence alone conveys a very clear message, and is powerful.

    only defend when absolutely necessary, and in a brief, mature way. bc as you know, people on the internet are not guided by logic, but emotion, often times the hysterical kind that makes them themselves look silly.

    Seunggi doesn’t take himself too seriously, which can be a good and bad thing in the Korean ent industry. but in living a great life overall, it’s the best trait ever!^^ so let’s follow that… because as everyone knows… what goes around, comes around.

    happy new year Airens!!! Seunggi’s birthday next week!

    • Anonymous says:

      Also let me add…… the choices we make in life, we have to then also live with the consequences. some (and their agencies especially in entertainment industry) put A LOT of energy in time into trying to control consequences that are really out of their control. Seunggi and Hook are not like that. which again can be a good and bad thing.

      He’s a level-headed, responsible guy and too smart to waste his energies trying to control things in life that are really out of his control, he has said. he says he chooses to focus on his own stuff and what he can do to grow as an actor or singer, and as a person. and that’s really admirable.^^

      • Anonymous says:

        Also a second thing~~~ message for Tryp:

        Can I request that you consider deleting the comments that say terrible things about the person herself. it’s one thing to comment that someone else may be more educated or pretty and not necessarily put the person down, but it’s another thing to wish terrible things on the person. that’s just incredibly immature and definitely not an Airen who would write such things.

        There are a lot of trolls trying to get a rise from fans. Happens all the time on DCLSG, and those comments are immediately deleted. This is your site, and I respect free speech, but hope we can do without the hateful speech toward a particular person. that’s not cool. and that’s not Seunggi for sure. Thank you.

        • HopesDD says:

          I agree with everything anonymous said. If it’s not too much, I hope those useless comments get deleted. Let’s show a good exemple and respect Seung Gi’s life.

  6. Vien says:

    Very well said all of my dear fellow Airens. I am so touched and proud of yall. Don’t let haters or negativity get you down. Let’s be Airens who can make LSG proud, a classy and civilized fandom. ❤ Wishing only positive things happen from now on. May God bless our SeungGi and all of us. 🙂

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