15.12.12 Lee Seung Gi Autographed Message for LSGKWA

To Worldren ❤
My beloved worldren who always cheer for me even from afar, thank you so much!
I want to meet each and every one of you!
I hope for a chance to spend time with you.
Be healthy always, and let’s stay together in the future as well!

And don’t forget to read the final part of LSGKWA’s movie support event summary here.

credit: LSGKWA

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17 Responses to 15.12.12 Lee Seung Gi Autographed Message for LSGKWA

  1. Nive says:

    Wow….very happy to see Seungi’s msg….. Stay healthy Seungi…. Really want to see u at least once…Miss u so much…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi is so damn sweet. ❤ ❤ ❤ I miss him so much I hope everything will turn out great this year !

  3. divyaelango says:

    Warm re for world airens… am really want to be part of it.. it’s my dream to meet u once in my life time… Stay healthy n be happy LSG…

  4. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    Thanks, we will always luv and support you, even from afar. Stay healthy you too, and keep doing what you are best at: making all of us happy, blessings for your upcoming birthday and a very successful year!!! XOXO.

  5. loubna says:

    hey seung gi we do love you here in Morocco too we are too far from you but we still love you as much as the Korean Airen do best wishes

  6. Irana says:

    Hello. We are Russian Airen. Thanks for going to contact us. We are not very good at English, so I’m sorry for that. We are young fan club and know little. Basically, our work takes place not on Twitter, we works on our Russian website. And many of our followers want to prepare a congratulatory video to Seunggi’s birthday. But we have no idea how we can bring our video to it. Сan you give us some advice? or do something to help?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your CONTAGIOUS smile Seunggi-ya …… that’s what makes people happy !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Typ unnie plz post the thing about SG bd .from his official web about participating in gifts and cake and SNS message, i want Airens focus on that and forget the shit happening now

  9. HopesDD says:

    tryp, I want to bother you a little. I believe there’s an option of “making comments moderated”, I know you’re probably too buzy and it’s too much to ask. You can recruit moderators if you want some help. (and if it’s possible)
    Thank you for your efforts in making a peaceful place for Airens, I really appreciate it.

    • tryp96 says:

      WordPress has its own unspecified criteria for holding comments for moderation. As the blog owner, I have limited choices. If I choose the option of having to manually approve all comments, I seriously don’t have the time, and even the positive comments will have to wait for my approval. If I set out to block out the trolls, they are always anonymous with ever-changing ip addresses, so it’s hard to find any identifier to block.

      • HopesDD says:

        I know it’s hard, too bad. I hope no more trolls come here, and for 2016 to be the start of an even better career for Seung Gi. To my fellow Airens, let’s be better and never mention that name, ignore haters and live in peace. They’ll eventually move on.

        • Marcy says:

          I think the best way to prevent any unpleasantries from happening is to STOP commenting on his private life. PERIOD. Just focus on his work, his projects, his efforts, the things he works so hard to enlighten us, to entertain us, and to encourage us.
          This is Tryp’s personal blog, but, as evidence has suggested time and time again, it is not a gated community. Comments here get publicity easily. Please consider that fact carefully. The onus of making this a safe and peaceful place to adore SeungGi should be on us, “the comment makers”, not on Tryp, who has already done so much.

  10. loubna says:

    i will do my best to support our seungi. again i would like to thank airen fan club all over korea for welcoming us( non korean) fighting

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