16.01.11 Movie GoongHap Wrap Party?

Hmm… Did GoongHap have another wrap party 3 weeks after crank-up? A movie staff posted this wrap party picture shortly after midnight last night, and I thought he was just reminiscing or something.

But someone else posted a picture from the same restaurant at around the same time:

“Famous actors… #LeeSeungGi”

I haven’t yet figured out where in the picture SeungGi was sitting, but someone else might have a sharper eye. 😛

credit: kasell_so, knukl20th

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4 Responses to 16.01.11 Movie GoongHap Wrap Party?

  1. Nina says:

    Tryp do know if Oppa is going to attend today at SMA “Seoul Music Awards” or not?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, is he the one standing in front? 😁

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s my guess too! that’s seunggi-ya’s built .. and his hair …. how can i not know? hahaha. ….

  3. Nive says:

    Yeah correct….he is standing in front with two other guys…I think so…. Am eagerly waiting for seung gi’s birthday to wish him.. Guys please don’t fail to update his birthday pictures…Advance happy birthday Seung gi…..Be happy always……

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