Lee Seung Gi “Enlisting in March? Notice of Enlistment Not Received Yet” (Official Statement)

After all that time I spent translating the previous article…

A media outlet reported earlier today that Lee Seung Gi had spoken out on his upcoming enlistment in March. But in a phone conversation with Herald Pop, Lee Seung Gi’s agency official explained, “He hasn’t received the notice of enlistment yet, the date mentioned in that article is not true. Lee Seung Gi did attend (the wrap party), but he didn’t say when exactly he would enlist.”

The official added, “We don’t know when the notice of enlistment will come after his birthday, so all his schedules are arranged around his birthday. He’ll unconditionally enlist this year, but in this situation where the notice of enlistment hasn’t arrived, we can’t comment on which month he’ll enlist.”

“Thank you for your interest in Lee Seung Gi. I hope you’ll wait for him to fulfill his military duty.”

source: heraldcorp via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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24 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Enlisting in March? Notice of Enlistment Not Received Yet” (Official Statement)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why Hook statement is so contrasting with what Seung Gi said in the GH wrap party? I mean is Seung Gi really state he will enlist this March or just the usual journalist being trash and exaggerating his words??

  2. Me says:

    Hook is annoying seriously. How can they say that excuse that got him hate last year. If he doesn’t go in March it’s going to be bad. People won’t trust his words.

  3. YOU says:

    Stop it Hook!

  4. HopesDD says:

    So, if the draft notice allows for it, he can do a drama? -trying to see the bright side of things-
    Whatever it is, whenever he goes, we’ll always have his back ❤

    Thank you tryp for quick translations, we really don't know how to survive without you 🙂

    • No says:

      Netizens will eat him alive if he does a drama now. Hook is screwing up his trustworthy image

      • Anonymous says:

        Seung Gi doesn’t live on Knetizen hype as other celebrities ever but the general public who never care abt that as long as the stars they love not to avoid it, as far as I know and just look as the reality for the past 12 years till now. So the Knetizens you being afraid of don’t have that impact on him much lol. Also, Seung Gi himself even never takes a serious look at Knetizen’s reactions as well lol, by just looking at the reality for the past 12 years till now as well lol. If it’s the time, he will goes, just that.

        • ok says:

          That’s true, but seriously it hurts to see people drag him like that for something that is NOT his fault. ;(

          • Anon says:

            If you cannot defend him, then don’t look at the negative comments.

            • ok says:

              lol stfu. I defend him so much it’s not even funny. I

              • ok says:

                And not looking doesn’t make it go away. Continue to live in lala land where you think it doesn’t matter though. That totally helps. Very Hook-like in your approach.

                • ANON says:

                  I wonder what those nay-saying netizens really achieve. A thumb down then we Airens thumb up back. As far as his work is concerned I think SeungGi does pretty much what he wants to do. I am not saying the two cases are the same (far from it) but to show the “power” of nay-saying netizens, look at a recent re-issued, director cut movie that is doing so well, despite its notorious star. Talk about “eaten alive” hahaha.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    It’s not about how the negativity will affect him. His career probably is not going to be affected at all, it isn’t even a big matter. But the thing is, HIS IMAGE, his good image he has worked hard maintaining up to now can be tarnished if the media and Hook keep screwing up with facts regarding his enlistment. Almost everyone know Seung Gi is well-known for his perfect image and free-scandal and with all these misunderstanding, non-fans may look him in a negative light, and antis will keep going with their shit “he said he want to enlist on this XXX but how many years had passed since that blabla” if he did more projects after all this rumor.

                    Things I hate the most is when people slander and misunderstand him. I still can tolerate if people bash his appearance but not when they slander and spread false rumor about him.

        • TinMan says:

          Totally agree with what Anonymous said above. Why some people are so AFRAID? Afraid of ANTIS? If you did not do anything wrong, why afraid? He will go. So stop feeding the fear by joining the antis.

          • Xee says:

            Not afraid of antis. I can get from where all the worry are coming. That’s natural reflex for someone to worry a lot about their loved ones. When you love someone so much, you tend to have a lot of fear and worry. You just don’t want anybody to hurt your loved one. Of course we dont do wrong but people who don’t know him can jump into bandwagon if there are antis spreading negativity or bad rumor related to him. Words can ruin everything at times. And fans were just being fan to worry about their fave and hurted when their fave is surrounded by negativity. Call them pathetic to worry and be hurted regarding celebrities when they probably doing just fine but like people said, love can turn someone into fools.

  5. tryp96 says:

    I think SeungGi wants to go in March, while Hook wants to continue holding him back…

    • Anonymous says:

      thank u so much Tryp for ur reliable update ….. Please tell seunggi-ya not to enlist yet in march (as if we have a say on what he decides) ….. haha … what about his new movie? there are fillers it’s due for release in fall 2016 … you mean he won’t be able to at least promote, since he’s on military enlistment? SO SAD …….. anyways, let’s all hope and pray for seunggi-ya … to guide and protect, whatever direction life takes him!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I still hoping he could do one more drama and a mini album with psy this year…. 🙏

  7. Tina says:

    As his agency, I believe Hook knows more about this than some “reporter”. Hook said Seung Gi didn’t say such and such in a party with lots of people. From what I know about Seung Gi, that seems to fit his way of not saying much in public.

    • ps says:

      I agree. If Seunggi has announced the enlistment month in the GongHap party, why didn’t he mention it in his letter to Airens? He said that he wants the Airens to know from him rather than from news article. The letter only mentioned that he will enlist this year. If the enlistment month has been announced to the GH production staff, I don’t see why he would not mention it in his letter. In this SNS era, this kind of news will spread fast. We do not what really happened.The news article could have been released without informing Hook. We do not know who’s right and wrong in this matter. We should not jump to conclusion and blame Hook, just because the report is not accurate.

  8. I am relieve…and sad at the same time. I am relieve He is not going now, but sad because He is going eventually this year. I hope is not early, that He would have a chance to be with His Family or even made a Drama,is a little selfish I know but I think many of the Airens will understand why I say it. Just to have another one of your jobs, thos time while you are at your service, will become the time for reruns shows, dramas, MC work, commercials, anything with you to ease the longin. Ahhhhh, so painful, but necesary since is part of your duty as a male and a requirement of your country, My Dad was a military and I know the meaning. Many blessings for you, hope yor enlistment came a little more late than summer so we can have you around a little more, Big hug and kiss Seung Gi, Happy Birthday and God bless you always

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah ….. i believe so too !!!! HOOK knows what’s best for Seunggi-ya …. i guess there’s just a little misunderstanding ….. it happens! March is so soon …. please don’t enlist yet.

  9. impreza says:

    The best thing would be to do somehow like Park Yoochun: after the movie, one last drama in the 1st half of 2016 and then pshht!.. quiet enlistment during summer. And maybe one surprise song revealed later, while already in the military. 🙂

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