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16.02.01 Lee Seung Gi Enlistment Press Photos

*updated – 50 pics*

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16.02.01 Lee Seung Gi Enlistment Fanpics 2

*updated – 3 pics*

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16.02.01 Lee Seung Gi Enlistment Fanpics

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[Eng Sub] I’m Going to the Military – Lee Seung Gi

Ok, just in time for SeungGi’s big enlistment day! A big thanks to Nicole for making the beautiful subbed video! I think my OCD was acting up, so I edited the lyrics translation a little… 😛

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You’re All Surrounded BTS Photos – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* The SBS photographer also posted pictures in honor of SeungGi’s enlistment.

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12.05.24 TK2H Wrap Party Photos 6 – Lee Seung Gi

The child actor (or whoever runs his instagram account) just posted this picture to wish SeungGi a safe military service. credit: hanbyeol_k1

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Lee Seung Gi to Spend the Eve of Enlistment with Family

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16.01.30 Lee Seung Gi Farewell Party Fan Account

A few longtime fans held their own farewell party last night (without SeungGi of course), drinking and singing… Then they saw the press/paparazzi pictures of SeungGi meeting up with his 1n2d hyungs. Seeing SeungGi’s short hair and dark expression made … Continue reading

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GoongHap Seo Do Yoon Fan Art 2

credit: everymoment

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‘I’m Going to the Military’ Lee Seung Gi’s Final Gathering with Original 1N2D Team

SeungGi met with Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, and Eun Ji Won etc. at a restaurant that’s famous for its Hanwoo menu in Cheongdam-dong at around 8pm KST on January 30. It’s reported to be a farewell party for … Continue reading

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