16.02.03 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

For more info: Life in the Korean Military

If it’s any consolation, in the army, SeungGi will sleep 8 hrs a day, eat 3 meals a day regularly, without having to worry about dieting. And there will be no more invasion of privacy by trash journalists. (s: dclsg)


tvN Red Chair will show SeungGi’s congratulatory video message for Lee Soon Jae’s 60th debut anniversary. The program starts at 7:20pm KST today. (s: nate)


SBS One Night’s TV Entertainment will show exclusive footage from SeungGi’s enlistment. The program starts at 11:15pm KST today. (s: nate)

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3 Responses to 16.02.03 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Yon says:

    Good to hear that he can sleep 8 hours a day and have proper meals and no paparazzi.. ^_^

    but guess his platoon mates/bunk mates will start asking him about girls groups and officers may ask him to sing/lead the platoon in singing lol… and will get requests from his comrades and officers to let their girlfriends/wives/sisters,etc to meet up with him in the army lol..

    I think the platoon mates/bunk mates sisters or mothers or girlfriends will be so happy that their brother/son/boyfriend is in the same platoon or room with Seung Gi.. So lucky of them…. Envy Envy…

  2. crazyahjummafan says:

    3 good meals and no paprazzi…yes. But I’m not so sure about the 8 hours of sleep.

  3. AnnieP says:

    It will be good for him to get away from that for a while, this should get him more centered with himself and his future. I am sad about his service, but just from a purely selfish reason. I will miss seeing him in the spotlight. I will continue to listen to his music and watch him on TV while he is serving.

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