16.02.01 Army Training Camp Fanpics 3 – Lee Seung Gi

There are a lot more pictures on the fan site http://seunggiya.com/, which is for members only, so make sure to join in.

Now, who’s that person getting a close-up shot of SeungGi? And where is that video? 😆

credit: seunggiya.com

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7 Responses to 16.02.01 Army Training Camp Fanpics 3 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Xee says:

    Can Tryp or any Airen here teach me how to join the fansite? I tried to join but it failed. Don’t really understand the Korean so I don’t know if I was right or wrong while filling the blank form. Thanks.

    • HopesDD says:

      You enter an ID (any name) then you click check, you’ll have a new window, if it says “…는 사용하실수 있습니다” means you can use it. Fill the password and the case next to it that says “확인” “make sure” as in type it again. Then fill the name (it’ll be your display name), email, homepage is not required, it’s facultatif.
      The case “자기 소개서” means a short introduction of yourself, you can pass on it, you’re not obliged to write one. Click on the button next to close after checking all the cases.

      Hope it’ll help you.

      To me, I have problems seeing the pics larger and no videos 😥

  2. wien says:

    I’ve got my ID and already succesfully login. But every time i want to watch video or pic, there always this message comin out : 사용권한이 없습니다
    Anyone know what’s wrong and how to solve this please?

    • Omuraiisu says:

      Make a comment in “Memo” first. I think it has point and level system. After successfully join and login, first we become member level 10, after we leave a comment in “Memo”, we will be leveled up to member level 9, and will be allowed to see more content. That’s what I’ve got from my experience :D, for more info read basic rule in “Notice” http://seunggiya.com/# 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the help! I tried to go to Memo, but I can’t even leave a comment in the memo.. gives the same warning sign.. get in there first.. can’t do much or start if can’t get through there.. 사용권한이 없습니다 !!?? What to do….

  3. Thanks for sharing. I went to the site and did sign in but is not a friendly site to use (not easy for non korean speakers). Eventhough I will try out again later, I prefer Your site, is is more easy, friendly to be and the People here are awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for mantaining this site and for sharing all this news about our sweet Seung Gi, Gracias!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    does anyone have the video clip link for this.? I tried to log in – but doesn’t work for me yet.. I really would like to see the longer version clip, please.. thanks!

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