How to Write to Army Recruit Lee Seung Gi

Update: Nonsan Army Training Center does not allow packages or registered mail. So please use regular mail, and only send letters.

As SeungGi once said on 1N2D, a trainee/recruit’s greatest joy is (receiving) letters! So keep reading if you would like to send SeungGi some joy in the form of a letter.

As shared by a dclsg fan, there are various ways to write to SeungGi. You can either send a letter by post, or send an internet letter through the training center’s website or an android app called “Bidoolgi.” I’ve tried the latter 2 methods, but unfortunately they both require identity confirmation through a Korean cellphone. So I guess for us international fans, we’re stuck with the old-fashioned way of postal mail. 😛

For Koreans, the advice is to post the letter no later than 5 days before the training completion ceremony (which is March 16 for SeungGi; the letters will not be forwarded if SeungGi has left the training center), since it takes 3 to 4 days to deliver the letters to the trainee. But for international fans, we’ll have to post our letters much sooner than that! Check with your local postal office for the typical delivery time to Korea.

Here is SeungGi’s current mailing address:

충청남도 논산시 연무읍 득안대로 504번길
사서함 76-14호 2중대 3소대
136번 이승기
Postal code: 33012

(I think it’ll probably be easier to just print this on the envelope instead of translating it into English.)

source: dclsg

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31 Responses to How to Write to Army Recruit Lee Seung Gi

  1. HopesDD says:

    😥 fangirl’s life is hard for I-fans 😦 I guess trying is still better than nothing. OMG, I never sent a letter by mail, I only wrote ones when I had them as assignements in school 😆

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s no harm in trying… why not? How about Int’ courier services, is it possible. It will cost us higher but at least with that we can track if it has reached Seunggi. 😄
    Ahhh… fangirls’ life! All for our love for our dear Seunggi 😳
    Thanks Tryp so much!

    • tryp96 says:

      I think that as long as they have the correct address, other courier services would be able to deliver letters to the training center. You can always check with the courier services to make sure.

  3. seunggilover says:

    yes i’m going to try this. i think he will definitely read all the letters that were sent to him there. just thinking he will write my letter already makes me excited hehe i have so many things to talk to him XD he will definitely understand if i write the whole content in english right?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am definitely sending! If that is the only thing i can do

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Just sent in mine…International postage USD 1.20 from the States…

    • wien says:

      Ann, may i ask a question? Did the post office or the courier service ask you to write the address in roman? Since in my counrry, the receiver address will be typed for administration database entry, and i’m not sure that the post office computer will be able to write hangul..
      So just for safe, can anyone please help me to translate the address in roman/english? Many thanks..

  6. Melanie says:

    Do you know if we’re allowed to send small packages?? I had a lot of friends who served in the US military to pay for college and they looooved packages from home!

    • tryp96 says:

      I think you can send packages to SeungGi once he’s assigned to an Army base. But the training center is much more strict, so it’s probably better to just send letters for now.

      According to this, packages sent to the base will be searched, and SeungGi will be expected to share the goodies with his squad mates.

      • Melanie says:

        That was actually my idea! I was thinking that with all of the letters and attention that Seung Gi will receive, it may be very difficult for his squadmates — who will assuredly receive far less — to see. And it would probably make him much more popular with the other guys if he can share some extra treats and entertainment!

  7. Airen says:

    Hi Tryp, Many many thank for your the helpful information. So happy to know we can still connect with Seung Gi during his military services! So really want him to know that his Airens are always thinking of him everyday! I will mail mines international postal mail. can’t wait for him to see and read it! =)) He will get the most mails out of the entire army base!! Yayyyyy!! Miss him so much!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp, five weeks training from Feb 1, so it should be end on March 6 not March 16, right?

    • tryp96 says:

      Unfortunately, because of the lunar new year holiday, SeungGi has to spend more time at the training center.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see, I see, thank you!

      • Thanks so much for the info a to AnnMichelle for giving the translated address in roman/english. I would send one short letter, but I am curious, if they are so restrictive in the training base, if they recieve many letters , maybe they don’t get to Him? Just wondering. Anyway I have read (and hope is true) that once He is asigned they can recive letters and packages. So if anyone have some info about that, appreciated.
        Thanks again, and hope everyone is good and healthy, take care!

  9. Sanny says:

    Thanks for posting this, unni! Let’s show our love and support to our favorite recruit 🙂

  10. ayhu wahyuni says:

    i think, i’m late reading the post … maybe i can not sending letter for Oppa, hmmm i’m sad, Can you post about it like this time, I hope then I can quickly read, gumawo 🙂

    2016-02-12 23:34 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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  12. Allmyhope says:

    I really hope this letter give him and he reading my letter I’m from Poland and send letter today

  13. Kati says:

    Thanks for the address. A letter was sent from Hungary. I and my 10 years old sister wrote to Seung Gi. I hope he will get it.

  14. racil1509 says:

    Sent two letters from Canada with love 😚

  15. Hi, Can anyone please tell what is the new base address of LSG now? I really want to send him a letter but cannot find the address anywhere.

  16. Abinaya says:

    Lee seung ji… Urs gumiho serial is just awesome…

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