Lee Seung Gi to Appear in Sequel to KB Group’s Viral Ad

A sequel to KB Financial Group’s viral ad ‘Father’ that made 10 million people cry when it was released online at the end of last year is coming this month.

According to the financial community, KB Financial Group is currently preparing a sequel viral ad. It could be released online as early as this week.

Unlike the original ad where only ordinary citizens appeared, the sequel will have the appearance of singer/actor Lee Seung Gi who enlisted on February 1. This will be the first ad to be launched after KB Financial Group renewed Lee Seung Gi’s CF model contract for one more year in January.

Lee Seung Gi did the filming with the buzz cut he got for his enlistment, and KB Financial Group plans to make good use of it in this new viral ad.

It plans to portray ‘ordinary young man’ Lee Seung Gi, rather than ‘Entertainer’ Lee Seung Gi, joining the military. Through him, it plans to portray the composed and touching aspects of any ordinary young man joining the military.

With military enlistment as the background, the new viral ad KB Financial Group filmed is for ‘Love of Country Card’ KB Bank has started issuing at the end of last year.

[TN: ‘Love of Country Card’ is a multi-functional smart card that substitutes for Military Service Card, military pay deposit account, Military Discharge Card, and ID Card. It used to be issued exclusively by Shinhan Bank, but starting on December 21, 2015, KB Bank and IBK have taken over. But because KB has to compete with IBK, they are actively marketing it. (s: ko.wikipedia)]

It’s rumored that Lee Seung Gi actually got his ‘Love of Country Card’ from KB Bank before he enlisted.

A KB Financial Group official said, “Lee Seung Gi has been KB Financial Group’s model (for a long time), so while he’s enlisting, it seems to be the most natural thing for him to promote ‘Love of Country Card.’ (The ad) calmly portrayed enlistment that any Korean young man has to go through.”

source: moneytoday via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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7 Responses to Lee Seung Gi to Appear in Sequel to KB Group’s Viral Ad

  1. wien says:

    Finally..!!! The buzz cut ad that i’ve been waiting for..!!! This is GREAT SeungGiyaaa…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The ad will probably be longer than usual 30 seconds right? Anticipating it~ 🙂

  3. HopesDD says:

    This is so coincidental! Just as KB got the rights, their main male model enlisted, who also happened to be a national star that everyone was looking after his enlistement 😉 I hope this ad also becomes viral ❤ can't wait to see it.

    PS, Seung Gi looks so good in short hair, like so so so good (I always thought his short hair in 2007 is his best hair ever). I hope he keeps it short after MS and does a noire/action movie with it *_*

    PSS, does anyone has the link for the first viral video? I'm curious.

  4. lindakwt says:

    Seung gi is KB bank baby after all!! (His parents are both working in KB bank at the time of his birth no?)

  5. ayhu wahyuni says:

    lee seung gi is the icon that can represent everything, how can we turn away from him who is so beautiful, oppa-yaa thanks for the pride that you provide to us, you are the greatest Oppa Jjang man 😀 ^.^

    2016-02-14 15:30 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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