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16.02.17 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Kim Jong Kook and his fellow Turbo members appeared on Cultwo Show this afternoon. Listeners were sharing eyewitness accounts of the group, and one mentioned them (or KJK only?) being seen with Lee Seung Gi. Kim Jong Kook said, “I’ve … Continue reading

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14.07.24 WMP Culture Day Event Fancam – Lee Seung Gi

This is actually the only fancam anyone has shared from this event so far. The event was for WMP employees, but I guess some dedicated fans were waiting outside. credit: peony

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Nonsan Army Training Center Fan Account – Lee Seung Gi

There was a SeungGi post somewhere not long ago, someone wrote in the comment that s/he saw SeungGi just a few days ago, and he was really good-looking. Someone else asked if s/he worked at the training center, so that … Continue reading

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14.11.09 TL Fan Support Event Proof Shots 4 – Lee Seung Gi

Haha, the Choco pies SeungGi mentioned in his letter; Airens will surely send SeungGi truckloads of this after he’s assigned to an Army base. 😆

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[Eng] 16.02.04 Lee Seung Gi’s Handwritten Letter to Airen

SeungGi wrote this letter on the 4th, but it didn’t arrive until today. Let’s work hard to break the 8000-letter record! 😛 A special thanks to the angel Worldren for deciphering SeungGi’s handwriting for me. 😆

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