MV: Meet Someone Like Me – Lee Seung Gi

English subtitle is available if you click on “cc” (closed captions).

Credit: 1thek

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12 Responses to MV: Meet Someone Like Me – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Airen_Latinas says:

    I’m so emotional in this moment 😥

  2. AY says:

    Thanks Tryp.

  3. Yon says:

    I have been listening to it again and again. Like the chorus part..

  4. SayangSeunggi says:

    I hope i will meet someone like you too Lee Seunggi..missed him..thanks tryp96

  5. Kati says:

    I am listening it before I am going to work. I love it so much. Thanks!

  6. Cherrie Fab says:

    Really!!!…I want to MEET SOMEONE LIKE YOU 😀 hehehhehehe

  7. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find it on the itune store (U.K.) yet. Is it available elsewhere?

  8. va says:

    I love this song.. and the MV makes me crying, missing him so much
    still no info about the charts yet?
    it should be an all kill ofcourse

  9. Allmyhope says:

    Come back Lee Seung Gi ! We miss You!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve posted a Fan Support video to LSG or you can call it a Fanmade MV ^_^ ^_^
    Hope You Like It All! :))

  11. krissylee says:

    i don’t think i can ever find someone like him. he’s one of a kind. missing him so much!!!

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