LG Care Event Promo Photo – Lee Seung Gi

source: lgcaremall via dclsg

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6 Responses to LG Care Event Promo Photo – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Airen Latinas says:

    SeungZy ❤️😍

  2. HopesDD says:

    I really really really wish for GFB season 2, my personnal opinion but the ending of season one ruined it for me, at least in modern days we’ll have a hot rich more mature gumiho to drool on. Also, Suzy’s acting improved a lot, and they make a cute pair too.
    *whisper* we won’t have a specific person too since he died in the drama or is sleeping for eternity*

    • impreza says:

      I preferred Kang Chi to be poor, I found him hotter as a poor gumiho than as a super rich guy. Rich guys are is so common in k-dramas and so overrated. Kang Chi was the best. 🙂

      • HopesDD says:

        True that rich chaebols are everywhere, but seeing him as a rich character means he’ll be all dolled up and he suited that care (was it Ferrari?) he drove the last ep so perfectly. And one have to admit, we all loved Lee Jae Ha’s classy air.
        I’d want him for a normal character for a great bluckbuster movie, a tearjerker perhaps.

  3. 4dmind says:

    Reblogged this on 4dmind.

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