16.03.19 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

According to a dclsg fan who seems to know a lot about the ROK military, SeungGi should be at Special Warfare Command [which is headquartered in Songpa District of Seoul] right now. He’s not doing anything except waiting for his final assignment on Monday. Well, maybe also busy greeting the high-ranking officers who visit him since SeungGi is so well-known. 😆 Anyway, on the 21st, it’ll be decided whether he’ll stay at the headquarter or move to a brigade.

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

I was away on vacation with very limited internet access these last few days, so I couldn’t do much fangirling. If there’s anything important I missed, let me know. I’ll need time to catch up. 😛

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29 Responses to 16.03.19 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    tryp youre the best! love ya!! and our seunggi of course!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp, I see this post on Dclsg, if you don’t mind, would you please translate it for the fans too? ^^

    • tryp96 says:

      There’s a naver cafe for parents of Special Forces soldiers, and this fan was just sharing what she learned from that cafe.

      Some parents were saying that if SeungGi was assigned to SWC directly from the army training center, he probably volunteered for it, and that’s very admirable of him.

      But this is more like gossip, since there’s no official source to confirm it. 😛

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s why I post this link for you haha. Since I saw some posts at some places saying abt this too, it also said that there were different Army Forces debated secrectly together to send Seung Gi the love calls to join them as a promotion soldier which woul be an easy way for his army life but Seung Gi denied all and volunteered for the SWC.

  3. Amy says:

    LOLLL XD btw happy holiday Tryp! We can’t thank you enough for always updating us about Seunggi 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you 😍👏

  5. wendy says:

    Thanks Tryp, as always you don’t forget us … we rely on your updates … of course you deserve a much needed break … who doesn’t need one? I’ll have mine next week ….. will do a li’l reflection …..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy holiday and thank you for always give us (international airens) update about seunggi 😄

  7. Graciabellsg says:

    enjoy your vacay! thanks for the update! take care!

  8. Elvira campo says:

    Thank you!😍💋❤️

  9. AnnMichelle says:

    You work so hard…Thank you so much!

  10. tryp96 says:

    The same knowledgeable dclsg fan mentioned that if SeungGi did indeed volunteer for SWC, he might have been influenced by Kim Sang Kyung when working together on GoongHap. KSK and Park Sang Chul are the only 2 celebrities who served in SWC before SeungGi.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Kim Sang Kyung, the king in GoongHap, is born in 1972. Park Sang Chul, the “Unconditional” trot singer, is born in 1969.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then our Seung Gi’s the only male star in the industry since the 2 past decades serving in SWC, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s also a post say that Seung Gi’s the 1st ever one that the Special Intelligence Group/Force apply direct from the Korea Army Traininng Center, right? Since they didn’t apply any recruit into that group in the past.

      • tryp96 says:

        Do you have a link to that post? I still have a lot to catch up.

        • Anonymous says:

          I read this information from Bestis and even DC if I didn’t remember wrong, Let me find in my PC history.

        • Anonymous says:

          Urh…It’s unfortunately that those posts were deleted. Don’t know if there are some taboo or something was banned but I found out that a lot of posts about him joining the SWC there were deleted too. But this was also mentioned in some comments under the articles abt him the day before yesterday as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      But Tryp, I still have some confusion abt the volunteer, what’s the different? And why to be assigned to SWC directly from KATC meaning he volunteered for?

      • AAA says:

        The parents were saying that most other soldiers got “promoted” to SWC after they performed well at their posts in other units. SG is a new recruit fresh out of training center. So the SWC must really really like him (and want him). And some rumors said there were other units in the army (not SWC) that wanted SG for them too. So, could it be that SG was given a choice as to WHERE he wants to serve? And we know he’s going to SWC. So in a sense he chooses SWC, hence the meaning of “volunteer”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you for your explaination. But I want to mean if “volunteer for” here also means that Seung Gi would join the Army Reserve after he discharges in future that he’ll get training once a month or a year after discharging?

          • AAA says:

            No, I don’t think it meant that. That’s far in the future. I haven’t read any discussions about that.

  11. God illuminate it, to choose the best for!

  12. Elsa María Rivera says:

    Tryp 96
    Thanks so much for your translation work, without it would imposible for Lee Seung Gi international airens know what is happening in his army life. I love this site, from Queretaro City in México There is someone that love, admire, respect and cares about Seung Gi, asking to the infinite universe always protect my Beloved Seung Gi.

  13. 4dmind says:

    Thank you so much tryp.💜💜

  14. KalAi28 says:

    Our Seunggi is really one amazing guy! Surely, the high ranking officials are just as excited and can’t wait to have Seunggi in their brigade 😜
    Thanks a lot Tryp for all the hardwork. You’re the best!!! Let’s continue spreading love and support for our one and only multi entertainer, Lee Seung Gi! ❤

  15. Angel Garcia says:

    Thanks tryp for the update and info! Happy vacation! 😇
    I wonder if seung gi has started reading his thousands of letters already. The overwhelming amount. Heheh.

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  17. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Thanks tryp96! You’re really an amazing person. Seung GI oppa is really beloved everywhere and anywhere he goes. He is truly blessed.

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