NJttW S2 Ep 1 Cut – Lee Seung Gi

I heard that the production team included members’ reaction to SeungGi’s video letter in the broadcast version, so I made this cut just for fun:

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19 Responses to NJttW S2 Ep 1 Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Airen_Latinas says:

    They didn’t showed the part where he said about the girls band’s’s signed CDs he wanted??? :/

  2. Anonymous says:

    awesome friendship!

    Thanks Tryp 🙂

  3. I miss Him!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This NJttW season 2 really has such an amazing PR strategy.
    When NJttW season 2 first broadcasting of 5 episodes through Naver TV cast got much less than 1/5 viewers compared to NJttW1 last year ==> they released articles said that it was meaningless to compared season 2 with season 1 since season 2 will broadcast on tvN later so the viewers will focus to watch on tvN more .
    But when the 1st episode of NJttW season 2 broadcasting last night got a 2.722% in AGB ratings with 317467 households ==> They released press articles that it’s a 2.8% and yet claimed that it’s still successful since it’s higher than the ratings of the last episode of season 1 (exactly the 2nd since season 1 only broadcasted for 2 episodes) lol. WTH for such that bad yet unfair promotion?
    1. They promoted so hard for season 2 broadcasting on tvN with a bunch of press articles while almost none of main article abt season 1 broadcasting on tvN.
    2. The season 1 broadcasted the full season since last year, with a huge number of the viewers considered as “people who wanted to watch it already watched it” so the broadcasting on tvN somehow was considered as a rerun after a long time afterall. How can they compared abt it?
    3. Just go to AGB, NJttW season 1 last week got a 2.721% ratings with 317008 households. Then how can 2.722% is considered as a big gap with 2.721% lol.
    4. They even gave out the special event for the broadcasting on tvN last night, that people would have a chance to get a T-shirt just by show the proof shot photo that they watched the live broadcasting of season 2 on tvN.

    The tvN staffs all are close with Seung Gi in real life, Seung Gi himself never minds abt what stragety they can use him to promote for the show to succeed better I know. But everything has its limited line. First NOF-GOF, then 3MAD-NJttW season 1, and now NJttW season 1-season 2, all PR strageties they used are all so meant to Seung Gi who always put all his heart and effort to help them as much as possible. What the?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s frustrating how they promote the show. But in return Seung gi also gets some air time. This is one way to get some publicity. Now they are have a new member, the only worry I have is whether Seung gi will continue involve with the show once he completes military service.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Because LSG is not around, they surely need to do that.
    The important things is the result, they got a good rating. I think LSG
    will be happy for his hyungs. For doing recording even the enlistment
    day, LSG is totally awesome.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow njttw 2 rating is so bad compared to previous tvn varshow (gof, nof, tmad, etc)

      • Anonymous says:

        This is lowest tv rating show for PD Na.

      • seunggifan says:

        It’s because they air it on naver, daum, etc on thuesday, the broadcast show on friday.. from the start NJTTW is not for broadcast but their must make it to broadcast because NaPD still don’t have new variety show for friday time slot, lee seojin busy with his drama and will do other variety show on kbs so he cant do 3MAD and GOF, taecyeon busy with japan concert, and their already make to many Youth Over flower, that’s why their did not have other change except put NJTTW on broadcast for fill the spot, the rating must be low because the tv broadcast is the second, the real new episode is every 10 A.M thuesday on Naver, daum, etc..

        NJTTW1 just show on Naver, but NJTTW2 show it on naver, daum and other internet broadcast

        Sorry my english is not good enough, but i just want to say it.. i’m airen, and always support seunggi and and seunggi is seunggi, he will try his best to help his hyung shine, proud to be airen, and will support everything that seunggi like

        • HopesDD says:

          Seung Gi said in the video the day of his enlistement (note THE DAY OF HIS ENLISTEMENT which means he wanted to do HIS BEST) that he wasn’t an idiot, and that he doesn’t regret making NJttW -which is his idea and he pursued his hyungs for a year till they agreed- he clearly loves his hyungs genuinely, why can’t he allow them to use him, he’s doing it for persons he consider precious. No need to put down season 2, if you don’t want to wath it, don’t. It may come out harsh and I’m sorry, but saying this and that is like opposing his decision.

          • seunggifan says:

            Seunggi just wanted to help his hyung, they are all always make their look stupid, arrogant and make seunggi shine on 1n2d, from one episode that show seunggi letter, he said that he wanted to be his hyung, someone who can make other people shine too in the future and on njttw2 first clip seunggi sinn is “meet hyung, love hyung, and leave hyung..”

            True bromance ❤

  6. Anonymous says:

    LSG deserves to get his cds 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, even if those CDs haven’t come into the army yet for Seung Gi to “ingratiate” the fellow comrades, they still treat him so well right now because Seung Gi shared with them the photos with signature from Han Hyo Joo as they wished lol.
      FYI, In some recent interviews, Han Hyo Joo says that Seung Gi from the army called and asked her to send for him some of her signed photos and of course she sent him 20 sheets right after that lol. Han Hyo Joo also says that Seung Gi and Jung Yumi are her 2 best close friends in real life, she says that they’re the true friends who always comfort her so much and make her feel brighter whenever she has difficult times.

  7. romlah says:

    Oops I miss you at this show together with eun Jiwon hyung,kang hodong hyung.and Lee sugeen hyung.mc mong hyung and jungnim hyung

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