16.04.27 Inside Current Issue: People Clip – Lee Seung Gi

An army official told an AsiaEconomy reporter that SeungGi will be jumping out of a transporter plane at 3pm today as part of his airborne training. I was pleasantly surprised to see this reported on a TV news program as well. The video clip is too long for youtube, and I don’t have access to any video-editing program to make SeungGi-only cut right now. It starts at 5:48.

source: channelA

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5 Responses to 16.04.27 Inside Current Issue: People Clip – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    I am so proud of Him and sure that He will do good. Seung Gi, fighting!

  2. dhedi29 says:

    Keep safe Seunggiahhh.. May God protect you always.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So proud of Seunggi. The training definitely very tough, one more jump to go. Can’t wait to hear the good news.

  4. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Even if Seung Gi oppa is in military, people from media are really showing interest in him.. This really shows how popular and famous he is.. Please be safe oppa.. Good luck..

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