NJttW Bonus Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

This was included in S2; I guess they were talking about HKD’s love for cilantro. The footage is from their XiAn trip when SeungGi bribed HKD with a bowl of noodles to find out where he hid their shoes. HKD asked for the Chinese name of cilantro, and it was SeungGi who said “XiangCai” first, which is very impressive! 😛

More cuts from earlier:

Flying to XiAn:

It was SeungGi who recommended Sichuan province as the 2nd destination for NJttW because of its long history of traditional cuisine. I think he was drooling just talking about Sichuan’s chili pepper. 😆 Too bad they couldn’t wait until his military discharge to take the trip. The 2nd half of the video was the team talking about SeungGi still influencing the show even though he’s away in the army.

video credit: lianman21 @ baidu tieba

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2 Responses to NJttW Bonus Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. HopesDD says:

    I’m actually proud of him, he recommanded the place, AJH as his replacement, shoot extra footage even the day of his enlistement. Isn’t he the best friend ever?
    In 1N2D, KJM left for the army and Mong replaced him. The show moved on, that’s how life works. I hope for Seung Gi to reunite with his hyungs again one day, but also for him to do other variety shows.
    Honestly, I wished for a Noona Over Flowers 2 more. With his hyungs, he’s the adorable smart/heodang, with the noonas, he was the helpless cute boy who grew up to a trustful leading man. I also loved how they poured praises for him.
    Thank you for the cuts, it helps cure a little of my longing for LSG 🙂

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