16.05.11 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A former SWC soldier posted on a blog that he received a KaTalk message from someone who’s now a Major serving in the same battalion as SeungGi. The Major said he did a long-distance march with SeungGi and even sent a proof shot. Unfortunately, they can’t share the photo in public.

The blog post is very long, and I really don’t have time to translate everything. But just to sum up, the march is 400km of mountain path in distance on the map, but the actual walking distance is over 500km. This is considered the most difficult training in SWC.

A dclsg fan shared something she read in the comments:

For SWC soldiers, the long-distance march is done on a voluntary basis! And the march in SWC is not simply marching for a long distance, it’s marching without sleeping at night! They rest for only 6 hours a day (2 hours at a time including breakfast, lunch and dinner), and march about 70km during the other 18 hours each day for an entire week!

Another fan said someone had asked at the Children’s Day event in Jeungpyeong and was told SeungGi had gone for training. LSJ also said in his interview on May 3 that SeungGi was in training. So it seems that the training was actually the long-distance march. And SeungGi did this right after 5 weeks of airborne training! I hope he will get some good rest on his leave!

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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11 Responses to 16.05.11 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. 4dmind says:

    Oh gosh…that is so hard…running for just 3km or 5km is already tiring…if you don’t have good stamina, you won’t be able to complete this without being hurt. Seunggi’s making me admire and respect him more, day by day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Let’s keep sending Him best wishes and prayers so He completes everything and came back safe and healthy. This training is no joke, but I am confident He would soar and shine at the end of it. Blessings to our Sweetie, Seung Gi fighting!

  3. Chen Min Chi says:

    Seriously, you are such an inspiration Seunggiyah! 😊 Makes us want to push ourselves way beyond our pre-conceived self-limits and see how far we can go. i honestly has never been proud to be a fan of any celebrity until Lee Seunggi. Take care and Fighting!!!

  4. Good luck to our celebrity and a prompt and safe return! God always bless you. Thank you for your information!

  5. Anonymous says:

    “For SWC soldiers, the long-distance march is done on a voluntary basis”. I don’t get this, so it means the SWC soldiers can choose not to do this march, or it means the SWC soldiers can walk freely without the commander’s guide during the march?

    • tryp96 says:

      It means the march is not mandatory. And SeungGi chose to participate even though he didn’t have to do it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks ^^
        OMG! It’s even not the case for any higher ranking SWC soldiers to be able to do due to variety of hardness to death during the march but here Seung Gi’s just a recruit and he volunteered to do it and completed it in proudly. No wonder why both the SWC officials and SWC soldiers can’t stop giving him all the best praises like that. Seung Gi is such an amazing man!

  6. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Seung Gi oppa is really DAEBAK.. He puts everything when he sets something on his mind.. He is really an extraordinary person.. Keep it up oppa and please have some rest.. We know you are a person who always put his more than 100% effort in everything you do but you also need to stay healthy and getting a good rest is what you needed. We miss you and God Bless..

  7. Elsa María Rivera says:

    I can’t believed how Strong and brave is my King LSG, he is sure giving all for his country I don’t know if it is another actor/singer/Mc that had done anything like him, I respect and admire LSG.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi is just seriously awesome. love him so much. miss him but am so proud of our guy! Seunggi and Airens fighting!!!!

  9. lindakwt says:

    Uri Seung gi misses 1n2d challenges!! I just canot help to see him in this walk to that winter mountain hike in mt serak? (Is it?) climb with his hyungs. Where they suffered too much of cramps because of too much cold and of long distance hiking, stairs climbing and walking. He even comes back for Lee Seugun and help him to carry his bags because he struggled too much due to his knee operation. He is a good leader indeed!!

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