16.05.24 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan heard that during SeungGi’s last training (long-distance march or airborne training?), there was something very difficult that SeungGi did really well, so he received a lot of praise. He treated everyone to ice cream. 

They say SeungGi’s personality is really nice but he doesn’t talk much. 

This fan’s source for SeungGi’s SWC news is a college student who hears things from a friend [who’s probably serving in SWC], but unfortunately that college student is enlisting himself on 5/31, so he won’t be able to share much news anymore. 

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11 Responses to 16.05.24 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Angel Garcia says:

    We can really see his dedication in serving the nation. Maybe he doesn’t talk much because he want to focus and lie low from being an artist during the service? Anyway, our seung gi will always be recognizable without talking much. 🙃💙💙💙 fighting! Doing great since then… 👍🏻💪🏻

  2. Elvira campo says:

    How are you Seung Gi? I miss you!!!

  3. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    It’s so not like Seung Gi.. He is really a talker when you watch his variety shows.. Maybe you’re right, he just want to focus more on his task and of course, since he is a soldier now, he wanted to be a good example to everyone like he always does.. He is really maturing and doing his best to fulfill his promise to his AIRENS fans.. Keep it up oppa. God Bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, even SeungGi said he is not the talkative type, and that he is pretty shy. I really think he is a quiet guy unlike when he is with people he trusts, though. But anyways, he obviously shows a different personality or “creates a character”, idk how to say it, for variety shows. You can see the difference since he debuted or even when he started with 1N2D and now. Now he knows how is the TV, (more since ‘Strong Heart’) he is more confortable infront of the cameras and knows how to be the “reaction guy” which requires the TV, knows the media… 12 years aren’t for anything LOL Moreover he is probably older than the guys who are there (18~20 years I think), right?

      IDK how to say without it sound like Seung Gi is not real, I OBVIOUSLY don’t want to said that. Just that he HAD to be more talkative due to programs like Strong Heart, he couldn’t be all quiet and shy when he was the main MC, he was interviewing about 20 people lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course, lol
        We all know that SeungGi is showing his real self (1n2d) he said that.
        He knew what to do because he is working hard with good heart.
        That why we (fans) love him, people around him praises him,
        countless people even veteran actor or a rookie love him.
        He is celebrating his 12th anniversary and he still kicking, even he is in army.
        He is a role model because He is real.

    • Anonymous says:

      You might be a new fan? Seung Gi himself sadi several times that he didn’t talk much in real life, especially during the time he recorded new songs in order to protect his throat and his voice’s healthy. Also some of his close colleagues said about him like that, he’s a wise person who knows very well to talk at the right time.

  4. seunggi nuna says:

    He just know the time he need to talk and when to stay silent. At the right amount.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not surprise he doesn’t talk much. In VS they’ll show the parts when they talk so it wouldn’t be boring and in which the conversation content deemed to be okay to publicize. He trust his closest friends and most we know are celebrities, he can talk to them freely since they know what’s going on inside and he trust them can keep their conversation among themselves. When he’s surrounded by or talk to people outside the industry, he must be careful of what he says. Even if he talk about himself only, he could be giving away some hints he didn’t mean to. But I’m sure he still have fun with his friends and comrades even if he doesn’t talk much and only talk when he need to, he’s witty and easily adapt everywhere.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ‘He doesn’t talk much’. meaning is the following sentence.
    “A fool babbles continuously;a wise man holds his tongue”
    Seunggi is really wise man.

  7. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Thanks for letting me know.. Yes i’m a new fan so i’m not really aware that Seung Gi oppa is not talkative in real life.. I appreciate you all for informing me.. Pardon my blaberring without basis.. hehe.. We’ll watch more of Seung Gi oppa’s interview to familiar myself more about this precious person.. Thanks again and God bless!

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