16.06.06 Memorial Day Ceremony Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

According to some articles, SeungGi participated in the ceremony as a representative of the Army, not just SWC. But the special SWC uniform looks so good on him. 😛

credit: as labeled

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9 Responses to 16.06.06 Memorial Day Ceremony Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Watching the video, we can hear that the host even mentioned Seung Gi’s name at the beginning in front of 10,000 people including Mrs Park, “singing the national anthem with Pfc Lee Seung Gi” hehe. This is the 1st time I hear a Pfc who just being a part of a group singing the national anthem to be called out his own name alone in a national event like that lol.

  2. Hee says:

    Woah!! He’s really cool in that uniform.

  3. yani262 says:

    A proud noona is here. He is doing really well. And it’s wonderful isn’t it that he still receives so much love tho he currently listed in the army

  4. lindakwt says:

    and no make at all!! so handsome!! But I cannot help to notice that among 5 of them, he is singing it with the suppressed passion of a real singer..heheh…unlike the other 4 singing it with their mouth only, but singer Sueng gi sings it with feeling…hehehe ( a small movement of her head is noticeable…heheh)

  5. Anonymous says:

    And he own the mic to sing hahhahahhaha…he is love anywhere…and i love u forever…yayyyyy i miss u so much…

  6. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Seung Gi oppa is really an epitome of perfection.. There is no one like him..

  7. ElviraCampo. says:

    Can you please provide me the password. It’s requesting a password and one has not been provided.

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