16.06.07 Cable News Clips – Lee Seung Gi

I didn’t understand everything said in this first clip, but apparently the panel members were showering SeungGi with praise. They called him a “concept [ideal?] celebrity” and said he’s on an entirely different level. 😀 It really made the fans even prouder.

credit: jtbc via dclsg

credit: channelA

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5 Responses to 16.06.07 Cable News Clips – Lee Seung Gi

  1. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Wow, this news of Seung Gi oppa is really making me happy.. Of course he is on a different level.. He’s one of a kind and a lot of people really praise him.. He’s such an ideal person, almost nearly to perfecrion i say!!

  2. He surely is in a different level, He is an awesome human beign. We always said “He is perfect”, and it really doesn’t mean the He is perfect like a non human, He surely has weaknesses but the beauty in Seung Gi , and the reason we said He is “perfect”is that He admits his own weakness and always try to overcome them to be better, He is genuine and sincere, plus His sweet but witty personality and intelligence ( and it doesn’t hurt that He is handsome, had a sinful body and is manly as hell! ). His actions speak more than words and his actitude toward his enlistment and sense of responsability speaks by themselves of How precious He is as a person. PROUD, very proud we are. He is still is making us prouder everyday. We love you Sweetie, be healthy and came back to us, we surely are waiting for you!

  3. babygirl says:

    Hahaha !!! one of the fan said : our Seung gi really look like Barbie (Barbie Doll) boy’s friend Ken. #Tall # Handsome.

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