Dispatch: Lee Seung Gi Tabloid Gossip is 100% Unfounded!

UPDATE: According to several articles, SeungGi himself has requested Police Cyber Crime Investigation Team to probe into the vicious rumor and catch the person who first started it. Another article reported that the woman whose picture was stolen is also filing suit.

I am so pissed off! Can’t believe there are people who are sick enough to try to besmirch SeungGi’s good name (maybe in order to distract the public from their own idol’s disgusting scandal?!) while SeungGi is diligently serving his country in ACTIVE DUTY!!! But obviously, those people are not even smart enough to make up something more credible. Maybe because their own idol did public service, they didn’t know how real military life worked? The real soldiers don’t get to leave whenever they want. And SeungGi certainly didn’t have any vacation in February or March to do whatever they claimed he did.

I’m not going to sully your eyes or your minds by repeating the vicious gossip here. But while it was spreading like wildfire online, Hook of course did nothing, and the Korean fans worked so hard to squash it. Thankfully, at least 2 media outlets so far, including Dispatch, have risen to the occasion and disproved the gossip. It’s especially gratifying because the original “source” claimed that Dispatch knew about it and was collecting evidence. LOL I hope that poor woman whose picture got stolen and misused will sue those stupid asses. So should Hook, but I’ve learned to keep my expectations realistic…

source: dispatch, bizhankook

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50 Responses to Dispatch: Lee Seung Gi Tabloid Gossip is 100% Unfounded!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hook vs other typical agencies is really on display. i have no words. seunggi fighting.

  2. Oh man, Hook did NOTHING? What is their purpose? At times like this he needs his agency to be there for him, especially while in the army! He can’t speak for himself… sigh

    I seriously applaud the fans on dclsg and other places who were so diligent in responding to the rumors and reporting them. Thank you so much. Dispatch really did put out a good article refuting the allegations.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who spread any kinda rumours for the shake of ruining Seunggi’s image really need to undergo my punch. Here we go, I’ll defend him for the rest of my life coz I am sure hez a good and kind boy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen a few shares of that news, though it was in Korean I really got curious as to what it is all abt. Gosh, they trying to ruin other peoples lives. Can’t they just do something more productive. I read somewhere the police are looking at an angle where group of people are trying to make up stories esp for celebs in exchange of money.
    I hope they wont drag Seunggi into this!
    Seunggi, Fighting!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    At first when reading it on Dclsg this noon and seeing it was spread like crazy at most of K-sites, I’m so mad that even want to kill them.
    It’s so relief that Dispatch denied it so fast to protect Seung Gi’s innocence.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the funny thing is that it wasn’t even a spreading rumor. It was one person on a cafe blog that posted this ridiculousness. and then a group of netizens decided to make it big deal on ‘trash’ DC drama gallery and spread it around and posting stupidity.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, I cannot read those articles cause I dont know Korean. Anyone plz explain what’s going on? Or at least, plz send me a link in English?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seriousy disappointed in Hook, this is serious especially considering the sensitive context. I hope our Seunggi will not be sad about this

  9. Anonymous says:

    i mean it’s almost like no news, because people give this no credence. people’s reaction (not the anti, agency, fandom netizen types), is like~ ok yeah, right.

  10. Anonymous says:

    seunggi’s side (not sure if him personally or Hook Ent) has put in for an investigation of the crazy netizen who posted this tabloid gossip/rumor this morning. the makeup artist is also filing suit.

    and everyone on the portal sites knows who’s probably behind this gossip post, especially considering the timing. no one is even believing this lol.

  11. rosariogloria42 says:

    Whatever that was, we airens can not be swayed away from our love for Seung Gi.
    We stand strong in support for him. I for one will never believe any bad rumours about him. Airens, we know better, right!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, LSG should join Dispatch. They manage and protect him better than his own company does.

    Hook is like clueless 90% of the time.

  13. twinkleairen says:

    I don’t believe all about that rumors.. -__- Fortunately Dispatch said that it was 100% Unfounded and I believe Seung Gi oppa won’t do something like that. I’ll be always support Seung Gi oppa no matter what happens to him.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well f*ck them. Trying to ruin people lives they are obviously sick people.. Oh my God, it’s Lee Suenggi! We Airens know better. He’s the kind of people that is so good to be true.
    I’ll lay my last penny just to protect him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why someone would do this to Seung Gi. And whoever spread this gossip have no knowledge of active duty. I’m glad the public is on Seung Gi’s side. Whoever did this should be punished.

  16. Personally I do believe there are someone who were trying to distract the public attention. Those who were spreading the malicious rumour may also gathered for some purpose! I just felt like I had swallowed a massive fly. Disgusting! I really appreciate that most of the netizen do no even care about this kind of tabloid gossip. We love you, Lee Seunggi ! 1 Timothy 4:12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

  17. magejoba says:

    Regards! No publication has been to harm Lee Seung Gi. Only a celebrity as there will always be some who want to harm him out of jealousy. The light shines so I do not think that could damage its image. His fans support him

  18. Anonymous says:

    Me too, Tryp so pissed. Thank you for protecting our SeungGiya. I read LSGfan tweet too. Thank you guys, we can understand whats happening.

  19. Lsg apprentice says:


  20. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    They are just so bad.. Anyways we know Seung Gi oppa really well.. This people just do not have anything to throw him so making up stories about oppa is there specialty.. Too bad people especially the real fans of oppa don’t believe them.. It’s really a good move for Seung Gi oppa to not show himself to the entertainment world while serving.. He is DAEBAK and those people spreading this rumors will soon get their karma.. God bless oppa!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Whoever spreading this rumor should’ve realized that they picked a wrong target, tho. Even non-Airens won’t believe them! LOL WHAT A FANFIC.

    Seung gi ya fighting! 😢

  22. impreza says:

    I think it is very lame and unprofessional of Allkpop to have posted this article. Since the scandal about the other artist has broken, I think those kpop news sites have become intoxicated with the crazy number of views and comments they are now getting so they don’t even verify the info before posting the news. It’s not journalism at all, and in Seunggi’s case, I find this click addiction of some news outlets very disgusting.

    • melissa! says:

      Yes. It’s annoying that some people seem to this could be true, but he’s just denying it. As if it needs to be proven false. It already has been.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe you should just link them to this site so that they can read the truth themselves. Allkpop short article totally doesn’t help. And they got millions of followers too sigh.

      • impreza says:

        Yes, exactly, you can see vicious commenters here who say things like ‘why not? it’s believable’. At this rate, everything is believable… I hope allkpop and asianjunkie post a firm denial of this news, with a mea culpa (I know, I’m dreaming). Kpop websites are turning into ugly tabloids nowadays, to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope there will be someone defend our Seunggi there. I’ve stopped following Allcrap long time ago, that site is just full of bullshit and trolls. I’m so sad reading comments and responds of some ifans such as ‘if this turn out to be true…” IF! I can’t believe some people even doubt him! He is one of the most saint celebrity I’ve ever known why is it that he always get weird rumors when he’s not doing anything wrong. Some antis are too much I hope they will get karma for what have they done towards him.

  23. dahlia qayyum says:

    Did they even think before targeting someone? So random. It’s Lee Seung Gi for godsake and he serving military service some more. It’s so pathetic because he can’t defend himself. Haishhh….i can’t even. Whoever start this rumor is really sick.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Fvvvck how can they do that to our seunggi>< I hope Hook will sue them hard!!!

  25. Izy says:

    I always believe in him…its not that because i been blind by my love for him…but seung gi oppa has show a good example for us…even elder and guy became his fans…so what else can be said…this rumors…just a joke which sound stupid.

  26. Graciabellsg says:

    ah okay! well, TRY HARDER! you barked at the wrong tree. so next time whoever this @#$hole is, he should think a million times. and Hook…what’s the matter with you? ah stress!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I know my idea is crazy. I think the actual target is towards Dispatch by using Seunggi. Since Dispatch reveal the scandal of celebrity Y and K, they definitely upset both agencies, so in order to move away attention and make Dispatch pays for the price, they create this gossip (which is really big) and let Dispatch to deal with it (since this gossip involve Dispatch). I am glad Dispatch release article to clear this gossip and also Seunggi’s agency took action. Whoever did it is really disgusting. I hope Seunggi is ok.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update! I hope that person will be caught and rotten in jail for making Seung Gi’s image look bad! Someone need to give that person a good slap or punch.. who is she trying to mess with.. this is so unforgiveable! 😡

    • iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

      I agree, really unforgivable.. The person who has spread this rumors is just a piece of trash.. Now his/her karma will start.. He/she has really mess up with the wrong person.. To think that Seung Gi oppa has been followed by a lot of paparrazi before. They even followed him for like how many months and even just a single bit of scandal they didn’t find anything, just all good praises and compliments.. This person is really out of his/her mind.. Pretty insane.. Seung Gi oppa, FIGHTING! Airens, FIGHTING for our golden boy!!

  29. Nana says:

    Oppa…fighting 💪

  30. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi must be so shocked and upset as soon he found out this news! He took actions immediately to file this case!! I most definite can feel his rage on these rumors!! So alarming — how dare these peoples disturbed his military services for this insane ugly news!! So really mad about this! His family must be so upset on these rumors! Knowing Seung Gi he must be thinking and worrying about this rumor! We airens are so hurt and mad to know about these scandal rumors! Airens don’t want our Seung Gi to be hurt in any ways! Please respect our Seung Gi and think wisely before doing these scandal rumors and actions. Seung Gi Fighting!! Airens keep it up! Fighting!!!

  31. Toto says:

    Hook did nothing? Is it media play….? When will seunggi release from the army?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious? Media play? You better be kidding this is serious issue you shouldn’t take it lightly. Why would they media play to make Seunggi’s image look bad though == He will be discharged October 2017 by the way. You sounds like a non-fan given how you don’t even know when he will be discharged. That’s the important day Airens been waiting for.

    • Tina says:

      To satisfy your curiosity, maybe you should go back and read what tryp wrote and try to understand the situation a little better before you speak out. When tryp wrote her original post, there was no action “reported” taken by Hook. But that did not mean they didn’t do anything. Subsequently, as reported by tryp’s update (in RED, at the BEGINNING of the post lol) SeungGi’s side sought investigation again the person(s) who started the malicious rumor. Would you not consider that’s a powerful action taken to rebuke and squash the rumor? Do you understand now?

  32. seunggi nuna says:

    This person creating low rumour really want to taste prison foods. And that person will taste it for sure! How dare! We will not allow even single winds bothers Seunggi’s peacefull heart in the army!

  33. Anonymous says:

    SeungGiyaa, hope you’re doing fine. You know K-entertainment right, and Airen will always support you and love you. TC.

  34. wenns8 says:

    hook just do nothing, they believe in Seunggi. Seunggi is a Great man. and i will always believe him and support him. Just like the rumor with Gain, it will pass. #foreverloveSeunggi

  35. It’s so ridiculous! Seung Gi should and must sue them, that’s a crime and there are ciber invenstigations teams who work on those cases. It’s a libelous mal-intentionated action and they should be prosecuted. Is a good thing Dispatch do the response news and this kind of actions should be stopped. Other celebrities issues should not be mied here. Wherever the reason for other people situations have nothing to do with Seung Gi and triying to trow mud at someone that have been consistently a good person for so many years and that is just now an example serving his country,awww, it is just not only unfair but is a real crime, they must be prosecuted! I am so MAD!!!! But I know they will be punished. I feel bad for the woman too is sad that your photo being stolen to be used in a trashy situation like this. Too many were hurt by this gossip, Seung Gi, his Family, the Fans and the army, since they do this shit just when the Army poster was released ironically with Seung Gi in the middle holding a little brother! They must and will be punished, God protects the just and Seung Gi is one of his sons, He will be protected for sure. To the idiots involved in this: You stupidly picked the wrong target. We will always support Seung Gi and people know who He really is, so eat your hearts out!

  36. Anonymous says:

    This article talking abt the punishment that the person who first started can get:
    I think this is similiar to the content Dclsg post this evening.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I hope good news will come soon, so our Lee SeungGi can relax. Always doing his best, he doesn’t deserve this. Thank you Airen protecting him, and loving him always.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Oh SeungGiyahh, how can they do this to you(crying). Please steadfast, we are here for you.

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