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Lee Seung Gi 6th Album MV Filming BTS Videos

The ill-fated MV… 😥

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2016 Ground Forces Festival HQ Promo Photo – Lee Seung Gi

The picture is the same size, but I think the fan cleaned up the borders with PS, so it looks much better. 😛 credit: qlcsksms01

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16.06.05 MD Ceremony Rehearsal Fanpics 3 – Lee Seung Gi

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2016 Ground Forces Festival Promo Photo – Lee Seung Gi

This is already pretty HQ, but I still want the poster! 😛 And someone wrote on dclsg that there’s also a promo video that’s being prepared. Can’t wait! The festival concept is “Strong Army, Together with the People!” So the … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi Pencil Sketch 7

credit: sjart2012

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Lee Seung Gi GFB Filming Throwback Fanpics

credit: seo_eungi

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16.06.12 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan saw this comment yesterday in a SeungGi post on a site that’s geared towards guys; it seems to be written by someone who is or was a SWC soldier. The 3-week airborne training is mandatory, and as … Continue reading

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16.06.05 MD Ceremony Rehearsal Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi

The dclsg fan decided to repost the pictures since they’ve already been spread everywhere. So I guess now we can share them openly. 😛 The dclsg fan got these pictures from an acquaintance, but she deleted them rather quickly and didn’t … Continue reading

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[Eng Sub] 2016 Memorial Day Video Collection – Lee Seung Gi

AnnMichelle: “The majority of translation was taken from LSGfan’s posts. I merely arranged them. So a sincere thank-you to our dear Ann! Highlight of this video starts around 3:20 where the two SBS anchors (fans) get going and a more in-depth … Continue reading

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[Eng Sub] 16.06.07 JTBC News Clip – Lee Seung Gi

A big thanks to AnnMichelle and the team of Chinese fans for translating and subbing! Korean to Chinese translation by ChouJin Chinese to English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything LSG Produced by Qingtian

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