Lee Seung Gi KCON 2014 HQ Photos

A freelance photographer (@o_thursdays) just shared this series of photos (19p) taken at KCON 2014 in LA. The last time I saw SeungGi in person… 😦

credit: othursdays

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi KCON 2014 HQ Photos

  1. Jean Anyaeche says:

    That smile of his can melt the hardest of hearts… love you oppa seung gi

  2. jan says:

    Seung Gi Oppa, Miss U…Miss U
    PS : pl. take good care of yourself

  3. Anonymous says:

    just lovely. awww miss ya Seunggi!!!! thank you Tryp and other Airens~~~~ i remember when you guys organized everything for the Write Girl donations!!! ^^

  4. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    This make me so happy. Thanks for sharing this, reminds me of the YAAS times, ahhh, our Sweetie, that sweet smile and gorgeous dimple ….still missing you , definitely waiting for you as always. Blessings to all of you!

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