2016 GFF Promo Sneak Peek 2 – Lee Seung Gi

Looks like a fanclub staff went to the Korea International Tourism Show at KINTEX and captured some images (first 2 pics) from the Ground Forces Festival promo video:

credit: AIREN_fanclub

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6 Responses to 2016 GFF Promo Sneak Peek 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    The background color on Seung Gi’s photo (comapred to the 4 other guys), I thought it was just the light corner when seeing some previous fan taken photos. But now after seeing the in front photos from Dclsg and especialy this photo, it turns out its’s actually Seung Gi’s background photo is lighter 🙂

  2. Que Bello!!!!! Oh my how Gorgeous !!!! I can look at Him, over, and over…and be lost in those eyes forever. He is just so manly handsome! That skin color, I love IT, looks like caramel, oh Boy and He looks so manly in uniform, definitely If I were there I would steel Him, hahaha. THANKS so much for sharing more things about our Sweetie, our Emperor, awww, let time pass fast Lord, we need to see him again soon and let the movie roll sooner too!). Blessings everyone!

  3. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait to see more. Seunggi is perfect.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but need some help here:

    When and where was this picture taken? Google isn’t giving me any results.

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