A Book Recommended by PFC Lee Seung Gi

According to the fan club, SeungGi was surprised but touched when he heard about Airen’s book donation to the military for his debut anniversary. He said while laughing, “Our Airens are really incredible!” He then recommended a book for Airens to read.

오늘 내가 사는게 재미있는 이유 – 김혜남

“The Reason Why I am Happy Today” by Kim Hye Nam

Unfortunately, I think the book is only available in Korean. The only thing I found out is that the author was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 42. I think the book is about the wisdom she gained through her personal experience.

credit: airen_fanclub

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8 Responses to A Book Recommended by PFC Lee Seung Gi

  1. Hope Airen says:

    I’d love to read it, not just because Seung Gi recommanded it, but also because nowadays, it’s easy for people to lament about their misfortune and the smallest negativity in their lives that they forget the good things that they enjoy daily and take for granted like health.

  2. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Too bad it is only available in Korea! From the title itself it really envokes inspiration.. Just like Seung Gi oppa, he’s an inspiration to all! The book he reads reflects his personality. He is really an intelligent and an amazing person.. Continue with your good works oppa, you’re such an inspiration to all and the entertainment industry and military are lucky to have you! Take care and God bless!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi is always so positive. Just amazing, as are Airens.

  4. piratri says:

    That’s true.. sometimes we forgot something simple that happen to us everyday, and only seeking something BIG and GRAND, and then assumed that we’re not happy yet. If it’s me, everyday happiness will be when I make my coffee right, sitting with full internet connection, twittering and than finding somebody post seunggi’s picture that I have’nt have and save it. 😁😁

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi is the ultimate “smile boy” ^^ he’s a real role model to us fans, reminding us to be happy in everything. thank you uri Seunggi!

  6. So Great, a pitty is only written in Korean. But it is surely a book I would like to read if a translation were available. Sweet Seung Gi, smart Man our Emperor, such a big part of his charm. Thanks for sharing this and to let us know that the book gifts were a success, all of us who participate of that are proud not only of Seung Gi but also of the rest of the military man. Fighting!

  7. Rann says:

    Sounds like something I need to read… I’ll keep drawing positive energy from Seunggi. ^^

  8. Jenny Jimenez says:

    Korean books with no English translation is the reason why I’m interested in studying Korean. Anyway this reminds me of a book When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. It was written while he was facing cancer and came out after he died.

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