The Reason PFC Lee Seung Gi Jumped 10 Times from Mock Tower is…

There have been a lot of press articles on SeungGi’s “Courage” promo video for the GFF, but this one is a little more special. It’s from The Korea Defense Daily, so there’s more insider info. 😆


PFC Lee Seung Gi version, ‘Please Show Us Your Courage’ is a video produced for people in their 20s who are weary of studying and looking for employment. It’s planned to instill courage and self-confidence of ‘I can do it!’ through the experience of conquering obstacles like mock tower when the young generation, who might be losing self-confidence in the fiercely competitive society, visits the Ground Forces Festival. That’s why the (promo) video’s background is also a guerrilla training ground’s mock tower.

Appearing after Mark Twain’s famous quote ‘Courage is … mastery of fear,’ PFC Lee climbs up an 11-meter tall mock tower. After shouting ‘Jump preparations done!’ he flings his body into the air with all his strength. His tanned dark skin, determined gaze, and neat posture even in the air all give off a Real Man’s scent.

There are a lot of anecdotes behind this well-made video. Filming of the Courage version relied on natural light, and even though PFC Lee jumped over 10 times from the mock tower, he never lost his smile, and he showed off ‘the composure of a strong Special Forces Man.’

source: via dclsg
English translation:

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9 Responses to The Reason PFC Lee Seung Gi Jumped 10 Times from Mock Tower is…

  1. 에인젤 says:

    That’s really courage! conquering fear and mastering it. 💙💙💙

  2. Yp says:

    more i heard about him, make me love him even more 💚💛

  3. iHeartLeeSeungGi says:

    Wow, Seung Gi oppa is really really DAEBAK! He has really overcome his fear of heights.. So proud of him.. And he is so good-looking, his tan skin suits him!!

  4. God, can I be more proud! He made us all a promise on His recluting day, to become a man and made us proud, He has raised the bar, definitely. Our Sweetie, precious smile, tanned skin (wich I found so sexy!) and than manly look, God, he is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this and letting our proud eyes and hearts dance in joy!!!!

  5. Wow, so it’s a guerrilla training ground’s mock tower for SWC soldiers. Now I got why Seung Gi always keeps the 90 degree legs pose like that :D. In realistic combat training, it’d lool like a scene on Seung Gi’s drama “The king 2 Hearts”, right? It’d be so impressive if someday we have a chance to see Seung Gi to do it through some SWC documentary film on TV. Because I’ve watched some programs that they produced to promote for the ROK SWC.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cada noticia sobre LSG hace que una se sienta más orgullosa de ser Airen.
    Todo en él es digno de admiración pero sobre todo su calidad humana y el hecho de que cada cosa que emprende lo hace superándose a si mismo. Es todo un hombre además de hermoso y su sonrisa lo ilumina todo. Gracias por.compartir esta información ❤

    • ERE says:

      Así es, estoy completamente de acuerdo, aquel chico adorable, guapo e inocente, con valores se ha convertido en todo un hombre siempre esforzándose por hacer las cosas lo mejor posible y superando sus propios miedos, por supuesto sus padres deben ser el soporte que lo sostiene por lo que les reconozco que nuestro Seung Gi sea esta persona admirable. Como siempre enviándole toda la luz desde Querétaro en México, para que siempre este protegido, saludable y sobre todo FELIZ.

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