16.10.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Someone pointed out that the # of visitors last year might be 0.8 million, the # that doubled might be the # of food markets/specialty sales booths. If that’s true, 1.18/0.8=1.475. That’s not too shabby.

The importance of a good PR model/honorary ambassador? 😛

Over the course of 5 days, 2016 Ground Forces Festival attracted over 1.18 million visitors despite the unfavorable rainy condition, and it’s confirmed to have been a big help to Gyeryong’s local economy.

[The number of ?] was more than doubled compared to the previous year.

Sales at the festival marketplace was also more than two times higher than normal.

source: kookbang ilbo via dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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9 Responses to 16.10.08 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. magejoba says:

    I am happy, this information!

  2. PFC Lee Seung Gi effect is jjang👍

  3. Even the sponsors this year increased so much than last year’s as well. Of course I don’t say all the credits thanks to our Seung Gi alone but no one can deny that it’s not that coincident. The army knew well the most about how power Seung Gi can push the promo up among the general public. They didn’t choose Seung Gi as honorary ambassador for no reasons while in fact in the first place both Seung Gi and YH did the promo photoshoots at the same time with the same people but at the end, all official posters came out with only Seung Gi. Also with the “1-1” campaign of the Ministry of national defense they chose Seung Gi as the main host. Although Seung Gi had to cancel at the very last time due to the GFF’s problem but they still asked him for some supporting words to the campain as well as his thankness to all the companies joining the campaign. It says all how real deal Seung Gi is among the public and how big deal Seung Gi is among the military officials’ eyes.

    • Hope Airen says:

      He was (and sure will be) among top 5 CF star since 2009 for a reason, winning model of the year for two years on a row. He’s also the longest celebrity endorsing a pizza label, and one of the youngest male stars to endorse home appliance (Samsung fridges, till it became a joke and people started calling it Seung Gi’s fridge/cuckoo)
      and like netizens commented:

      “3. [+1,687, -169] It’s because he shows that he’s not only talented as a celebrity, but exudes a sense of trust with his actions and words.. No wonder he’s had such a longstanding career at the top.

      4. [+219, -61] I think it’s because his face and what we know about his character shows that he’s someone we can trust, and therefore we can trust the product he’s selling. He’s a likable celebrity.”

  4. Noname says:

    I’m sorry to say but… I think someone misunderstood the Kookbang ilbo’s article. The number of visitors in 2015 was about 80-thousand.
    The original Kookbang ilbo’s article is here http://kookbang.dema.mil.kr/kookbangWeb/view.do?parent_no=3&bbs_id=BBSMSTR_000000000004&ntt_writ_date=20161007

    • tryp96 says:

      Do you mean 80 thousand or 800 thousand? I saw someone else wrote on dclsg that last year’s number was about 800 thousand. If that’s true, then there was misunderstanding about which number doubled from last year, but the number of visitors still increased significantly from last year.

    • The GFF in previous years couldn’t surpass 900,000 ppl but this year it even almost reached 1.2M pp visited desptite the weather is not that good. It’s really a very great result even out of their expectation in the first place although they could anticipate it would have better result with Seung Gi’s well-love among the public.

      • Aside the bad weather, this year GFF days happened with only having one weekend day (Sunday on Oct 2nd, the last day on Friday was excluded since the festial ended at evening) while last year GFF happened with the 3 first days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In case someone don’t know, like as a movie’s hugest attraction days are Friday (since night), Saturday and Sunday (excluding special festival days), the 3 weekend days are also that important gold days with GFF.

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