[Eng Sub] 13.12.30 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi

Translation by LSGfan
Video Subbing by AirenSubs

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10 Responses to [Eng Sub] 13.12.30 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wooow!!daebak…Lee Seung Gi..your soo awesome..congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

  2. magejoba says:

    Beautiful as always! Very deserved their awards. God bless you. We hope his return to continue enjoying his talent! Thank you for sharing video

  3. Hope Airen says:

    Just seeing Seung Gi and Choi Minho (Shinee) hugging when he gave him the popularity and best couple awards, my excitement for Goonghap increased. They’ll play brothers, and Minho’s character is blind, which I guess will be Seo Do Yoon’s soft spot for the 4 manipulative princes (haha already painted them red: a threat to his romance with the princess).

    CJ, please give us a date to look forward to. I hope Goonghap will do great in the box office to add more light to the already shining road that is Seung Gi’s career ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      What i curious about is seo do yoon’s family come from wealth or poor family??? If they are come from poor family it will be same with the first series, faces reader.. So kang ho’s son lee jongsuk character is blind, and he must died in the end.
      I hope goonghap will have an happy ending story. 😂
      The face reader has comedy story in the first half, and in the second half is tragic story.

      • Hope Airen says:

        I watched half the movie and didn’t realise the son (played by LJS) was blind, I thought he had problems with his leg (claudicant or something)
        And I noticed something about Korean movie, top box office movies never (almost never) end happily. If that would make Goonghap successful then … lol

        Overall, as long as the ending is strong enough to complete the story (who I hope would be great too), I won’t mind a sad ending, even if it’s Seo Do Yoon dying

        • Anonymous says:

          in the second part of movie, he is blind, and die in the end. face reader set a high standard with 9 M viewers. beside the story line is so good, face reader have a top star cast box office movie like song kangho, kim hyesoo, lee jungjae, kim eui sung etc. i hope at least goonghap can reach 4M, or break their break even point (BEP).

          • Hope Airen says:

            While I have to give credit to FR’s cast (Song Kang Ho alone is a great veteran in chungmuro), but many films with less stellat cast managed a good box office score (Sunny, Wereworf Boy…). In movies, the story is the most important. I hope Goonghap storyline is strong from start to finish and gets great results.

  4. Dee says:

    Really like it, thank you very much for sharing tryp. I love everything that seunggi said. Showed how smart he is. Can’t wait to see seunggi and minho in goonghap next year.

  5. seunggiaaa says:

    i wishes after seunggi done his military services, he will get cast on a good drama.

  6. pearlgirl says:

    so humble, nice words seunggi. thank you for sharing ❤

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