[Eng Sub] 15.09.29 NJttW Chuseok Special – Lee Seung Gi

This is one of the special episodes that didn’t get subbed by V Live. A big thanks to AnnMichelle, the team of Chinese fans, and now also AirenSubs for translating/subbing!

Chuseok Special: Home Cooking Monk Lee

Korean to Chinese translation by ChouJin
Chinese to English translation by AnnMichelle
Coordinate/proofread/compress by QingTian
Timing by sin_2lee
Special effects by yingyinglsg
Proofread by airenhui
Produced by LSG Baidu Tieba
Final editing & encoding by AirenSubs

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2 Responses to [Eng Sub] 15.09.29 NJttW Chuseok Special – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Kati says:

    Wow, I missed this episode. Thanks for sharing, and a big thank you for the translators.

  2. Wien says:

    Oooowwwhhh… thank youuuu dear all contributors…. 😙😙😙
    I’ve been waiting for this to be subbed.. and also the clips when the NJttW team get together at karaoke room..

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