KB Bank Supports Camp Reading Cafe in the Military

Just a clarification. According to LSGKWA, the books Airens donated were only for SeungGi’s unit, the 75th Battalion of the 13th Brigade.

It was announced that KB Bank and “Sharing Books of Love” Campaign Center visited the 13th Airborne Brigade and held the opening ceremony for Camp Reading Cafe on December 9.

On this day, the opening ceremony was attended by KB Bank Consumer Brand Strategy Group Representative Shin Hong Seop, (KB Bank) Chungbuk Area Sales Group Representative Lee Gye Sung, (13th Airborne) Brigade Commander Park Won Ho, and Corporal Lee Seung Gi who is KB Financial Group’s PR Model and enlisted in February of this year.

KB Bank has donated to Camp Reading Cafe since 2015 in order to support military personnel’s self development. Container-styled Camp Reading Cafes have over 600 good books and cooling/heating facilities and amenities……

source: moneytoday via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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One Response to KB Bank Supports Camp Reading Cafe in the Military

  1. Anonymous says:

    really missed our Seunggi. I’m just so proud of him!!!!

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