Lee Seung Gi Fan Art for Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas to SWC Corporal SeungGi and Airens!

credit: everymoment

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12 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Fan Art for Christmas 2016

  1. magejoba says:

    Thank you, beautiful message. I take to wish
    Merry Christmas to you that day by day you share with us everything related to Seung Gi. Merry Christmas to all who like me, enjoy this page. God bless you and enjoy these holidays a lot. To Seung Gi, may God continue to bless and protect him. Thank you!

  2. babygirl says:

    Merry Christmas Seung Gi.

  3. Merry Christmas Dear SeungGİ, tryp96 and Airens ❤

  4. 에인젤 says:

    메리 크리스마스~♡

    Merry Christmas 이승기 오빠 and 아이렌s. 🎄⛄😘

  5. Yon says:

    Merry Christmas from Korea to Tryp and all Airens!

    Merry Christmas to Seung Gi in SWC too! He must be very happy to see his 2D1N hyung Kim Jong Min winning the Daesang at KBS Entertainment Award last night.. wonder if he call him after that.. ^_^

    • Anon says:

      Pretty sure seung gi has more important priorities than making phone call on stupid daesang lol. Special warfare is not a holiday….

      • Yon says:

        Oh really? But as far as i have read, this year Daesang winner is pretty acceptable to most, except for a minority of viewers(those who downvote congratulatory comments).

        If Daesang is a stupid award, then all awards must be stupid awards as well from your perspective, which also means that Seung Gi past awards he won are stupid too?

        Seung Gi is close to Jong Min, he even bought a pair of shoes for him which JM mentioned in 2D1N.

        Other stars close to SGi also mentioned they spoke to Seung Gi on the phone even though he is serving in SWC, so those callers to SGi are stupid too?why are they calling him when SGi has more important things to do than answering their calls? So Seung Gi signing autograph for others in SWC is a stupid thing when he should be doing more important things during those few minutes?

        I mentioned it because its his 1N2D hyung whom he is close to..

        • Anon says:

          Lol looked like i touch a nerve kjm fan. i said he has more important priorities than making phone calls. You think everybody chills in the army and have loads of free time. What makes you think lsg has the time to watch tv shows & shit. He is actually concentration on his job that is being a special force soldier something your oppa cannot manage in the present or distant future. & when i mean meaningless is the awards won by others is meaningless to him as he as other more important stuff to do that is to serve as an active duty soldier of his country well something your oppa din not.

        • Anon says:

          And also if he wants to contant people the 1st thing he is gonna contact would probably be his family which is more important to him & also close real life friends who have been with him since he grew up or school or varsity.

        • Anon says:

          Reality check your kjm is not the most important person in lsg life. Instead of a simple wish to lsg a happy christmas you have to drag some1 else in to try and make him relavant & promote him rofl pathetic.

          • Yon says:

            Are u new here?

            If u have been here long, you will know i’m a LSG fan. I’m not KJM fan.. u can ask tryp.

            I mentioned KJM because he is close to SGi too.

            Since u think that u are right to use the word stupid, i don’t think i will come here anymore but i just feel bad for tryp. I do not want to see my fellow airens using such kind of words(stupid) on other issues(which is indirectly insulting other artistes) and inviting anti for Seung Gi.

            Btw, did i write KJM winning in the 1st or 2nd line? Check.

            • Anon says:

              He is close? So are many other celeb. There are many other celeb that lsg is close with. Why do you feel the need to mention him when the focus should be on his service and not other artistes. Especially if its a website dedicated to lsg. Yes i am new cause i was curious on how lsg was performing in the special warfare forces. So i decided to just look it up. Lol imagine the first thing to see is expecting an soldier to care about a person winning daesang while he is trying is best to perform his duties as a soldier lol. Seriously… I pity lsg has to risk his life if the ever gets called up for active tour duty for you guys lol who only care about who he contacts. What an dishonor to his service as a soldier.

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