Lee Seung Gi 31st Birthday Fan Event Photo Summary

These are birthday gifts prepared by DCLSG fans:

31 special birthday cards made with 31 cute characters (fan art by cQ):

The event team searched all over for over 100 pretty birthday cards and filled them with messages fans sent in by email:

Winter skin care products including Super Luxury Limited Edition serum & cream (Lab Series, Skincare for Men), masks, lip balm and etc. One thing they included with ulterior motive is Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel, hoping for a showing of SeungGi’s chocolate abs when he returns. 😆

Red ginseng extract, snacks & chocolates bought directly from Switzerland, and various other snacks (not only for SeungGi but also for his comrades):

Snacks for SeungGi:

Skin care products & snacks for SeungGi’s comrades:

Packages sent to SeungGi:

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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9 Responses to Lee Seung Gi 31st Birthday Fan Event Photo Summary

  1. jakabkne says:

    Thanks! Congratulations Lee Seung Gi Birthday! From Hungary.

  2. D Lee says:

    Great! Some goodies for Lee Seung Gi and comrades to munch. Skincare products for them too? Wow, that just shows how much Lee Seung Gi’s fans love him ! Just look at the birthdays cards sent to him. He must be as pleased as Punch to receive snacks and skincare products, not only
    for him alone but for his comrades as well. The birthday cards alone are enough to make Lee Seung Gi a happy man! I am happy for him too. It must be a memorable ‘military’ birthday for Lee Seung Gi.

  3. magejoba says:

    I am very pleased with the signs of affection he has received, it has been a beautiful detail. I imagine Seung Gi, he feels very happy to know himself so loved and always remembered. Much deserved!

  4. D Lee says:

    I can’t help wondering if Seung Gi is aware of this blog. It would be nice if he knows about it and logs on occasionally to read about what we, his fans, have written about him, how much love we feel for him, how much we miss him and how proud we are of him. He must be very surprised and thrilled at the same time to receive packages of goodies, skincare products and birthday cards. Frankly, I believe all of us feel as happy as Seung Gi himself.

  5. 에인젤 says:

    These gifts are the best! 아이렌 짱~

  6. D Lee says:

    The snacks, birthday cards and skincare products are the very items Seung Gi needs. After a hard day’s work or training, have a snack. 🙂 When feeling homesick or down, read the birthday cards. They are good boosters to cheer him up. 🙂 As for the skincare products, he sure needs to use them to maintain his youthful look because roughing it out in the military camp can affect his skin all right. And, of course if Seung Gi does have the time to access this blog, he’ll soon find out how much his other fans from this blog miss his just as much if not more.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Usually you see fans giving some expensive gift for their idols birthdays, but here you get the essential needs.

    Tons of snacks and chocolate. So envious.

  8. D Lee says:

    Maybe it’s because such snacks are not served in the military camp? I maybe wrong but I think soldiers need substantial meals to enable them to carry out their training and duties well. Possibly Seung Gi’s fans feel that it’ll be good to send him some snacks for him and his comrades to munch? Just guessing. 🙂

  9. Krisyyy says:

    Airens jjang!!!!!

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