17.01.17 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

Actually, I’m not sure if this was from the 12th or today. But this fan got to attend the SWC New Year Concert, and she shared an autograph (with no message) on that day. Maybe her SWC connection got her a 2nd autograph with message this time.

Always be healthy
And have a happy 2017 ❤

credit: mijoi75
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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4 Responses to 17.01.17 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

  1. 2otaty says:

    I guess We will be really happy if he write to us a nice letter soon 💙 💙💙

  2. D Lee says:

    Indeed 20taty! However, I think we are all generally very happy with every bit of news about Seung Gi. Agreed ?

  3. D Lee says:

    Lee Seung Gi has a very impressive signature. His signature stands out loud. I was once told by elderly people that people ( irrespective of their vocations ) with impressive and loud signatures are people who will impact the field of work they are involved in and in doing so, they will thus impact the society at large. As I see it, it’s very true in Seung Gi’s case.

  4. D Lee says:

    Similarly, the case of impacting one’s field of work and impacting the society at large also applies to people with a high ( sometimes known as broad ) forehead. Again, Lee Seung Gi has a high forehead and if we know a bit about physiognomy, a high forehead means success and impressive impacts. I am so glad that I get to learn more and more about Lee Seung Gi. Thanks for sharing Seung Gi’s New Year message.

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