17.01.22 NJttW3 Cut – Lee Seung Gi

I don’t watch shows without SeungGi, but someone posted this clip. Apparently SeungGi’s name came up quite a few times. I guess their group mission is not going so well, SuGeun asked if they could get rid of some members, and HoDong said even he wanted to compete individually. Then SuGeun said, “I shouldn’t talk about someone who’s not here, but recently, I’ve been feeling this every day… How precious SeungGi is!” The caption said, “We want to eat, SeungGi ya!”

Later in the show… The caption says, “SeungGi is the kid you cannot beat/surpass.”

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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27 Responses to 17.01.22 NJttW3 Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    ”How precious SeungGi is!”…YES indeed! We miss Him so much too…soon, October will came and our Sweetie is gonna take riot, I know He would be ansious and with so much energy. We will wait patiently…is near, just a few months now, and then We will rejoice and be happy. Because our Emperor is a Mn of His word, He said we wait, that He would make us proud and that He would came back a better Man (as if that is possible) and He did, He is doing it all the way. All the ones that love Him, miss Him, that’s the beauty of his soul. Blessings to NJttW3 cast *sorry but I don’t watch it, withouth Seung Gi is not the same) may they finish this season well and may our Sweet one came to us safe and sound. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • D Lee says:

      Oh yes, all of us miss him. If the members of NJttW miss him just as much as we do, it just proves that Seung Gi is precious ..very precious indeed. I have yet to watch Seung Gi’s variety shows. Must finish watching his dramas first then I shall watch the variety shows which he hosted. I asked what NJttW is just a while ago then it struck me that it is a variety show after I saw the video clip above. Thanks for sharing anyway.

      • Bing says:

        You definitely must watch 1 Night 2 Days Season 1. That show is just so awesome, nothing compares really up to now, and I fell in love with Seunggiyah thru that show. New male celebrities come and go, but our Seunggi is really unique. He’s indeed precious. 😍

        • D Lee says:

          Oh dear, I can’t access the show, Bing. It seems like the server is not available. Just too bad. Maybe it’s because I am in Malaysia and thus can’t gain access to the server.

      • ps says:

        I am not sure whether you can access KBS World TV Youtube channel from your country. If you can, the 1N2D season 1 episodes are available in there.

        If this link does not work, you can search for KBS World 1n2d season 1.
        However, the videos starts from ep 40+, when it first aired in KBS World TV. Seunggi joined in ep 27. Please do watch the 1n2d season 1 from KBS World TV Youtube channel if you can access it, because this is the official and legal channel. You will also help to increase the view count. Happy watching. 🙂

        • D Lee says:

          Wow, thanks Ps!. I am really blessed to have you guys/gals sharing with me all these links. Am practically rubbing my hands in glee. Honestly, I just can’t wait to watch Seung Gi’s variety shows. I have already bookmarked the links given onto my desktop’s bookmark toolbar. Will soon watch Seung Gi in action as a host. 🙂

  2. Hope Airen says:

    They mentionned him other times too. When they were sorting their ages: LSG early 87, AJH just 87 and KH early 88. So LSG/AJH= friends, LSG/KH= hyung/dongsaeng, but AJH/KH are friends lol.
    Na PD might kidnap him the day of his discharge for another NJttW season lol. I don’t mind, as long as I see Seung Gi right after his discharge 😆

    • D Lee says:

      Hi there Hope! May I know what NJttW is? Thank you.

      • Hope Airen says:

        Hey, I’ve just seen your comment (sorry if it’s late), it’s New Journey to the West. It was Seung Gi who suggested to Na PD that they travel together with the gang of 1n2d, and it was said that he asked them many times about reuniting, but the guys didn’t want to hurt him by associating him to them, untill NJttW was made.
        You can watch it here with Eng sub here http://www.vlive.tv/search/videos?query=journey

        ps, lucky you, I’ve rewatched Seung Gi’s stuff many many MANY times while he’s serving.

        • D Lee says:

          Ooh..thanks so much Hope!. Thanks for sharing with me the website address. I shall log on soon to get an idea about what the show is all about. 🙂
          But, I don’t understand about the part you mentioned above…’ the guys didn’t want to hurt him by associating him to them.’ Is it because they fear that Seung Gi will outshine them? Shouldn’t those guys feel honoured to have Seung Gi as one of the hosts too? I would be more than honoured if I were them.

          • missuLSG says:

            no its not like that. some of these guys had some bad scandals like suguen with his gambling scandal, hodong with his tax scandal. so they feel they are being a burden on seunggi since seunggi has a very clean image. They are just worried for him as big brothers.

            • D Lee says:

              I see… If that’s the case then its very considerate of these guys. That just shows how much they care for Seung Gi then. Good to know that Seung Gi has big brothers to look out for him.

        • Anonymous says:

          in which episode or which part did it say it was seung gi who suggested travelling?

        • Anonymous says:

          in which ep or which part did it mention seung gi was the one who suggested travelling?

          tks in advance!

  3. Lsg apprentice says:

    😂😂😂😂Ohhhh sugeun hahahahahaha this guy is really funny..

  4. Rann43 says:

    We know how you feel Sugeun, we miss him too. T.T

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for the others, when sugeun said those.

  6. lindakwt says:

    Is Eun Jiwon no longer part of NJTW?

  7. lindakwt says:

    Here I wan to share to you all this clips i watched in youtube. Just check out the lady and how she was fan girling with Seung gi hot body!! I guess some of you already watched this…Tryp hope it is okay to post…credit tot he owner of the video. 🙂

    • D Lee says:

      Hi Linda! It’s sweet of you to post this clip of Seung Gi’s army transformation. Gosh, Seung Gi is a gorgeous hunk all right with those rippling muscles of his! He is indeed a real man now. Awesome! Honestly, Seung Gi takes my breath away.
      I wonder if Seung Gi is involved in the joint military ( South Korea & USA ) winter training. It seems that his unit, Special Warfare unit is involved. I read it in the newspapers.

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