“Special Forces Soldier Lee Seung Gi has Become Beast-Gi“

Super Junior’s Shindong who recently finished his military service gave an update on Lee Seung Gi who’s currently serving as a Special Forces soldier.

Shindong recently appeared as a guest at the recording of a special episode of cable channel MBC Every 1’s Video Star, and revealed an anecdote about singer Lee Seung Gi.

During recording on this day, Shindong said, “Lee Seung Gi has become ‘Beast-Gi’ in the military,” and disclosed a health aerobics program Lee Seung Gi personally developed in the military.

Shindong revealed that he had to do strenuous exercise for one and a half hours at that time, and said “I almost threw up” when asked about his aerobics experience and raised a laugh.

(This will be aired at 8:30pm KST on February 7.)

credit: heraldcorp via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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8 Responses to “Special Forces Soldier Lee Seung Gi has Become Beast-Gi“

  1. Seung Gi is such an amazing guy that no even the army couldn’t stop him to be more amazing as a person.
    Also i’m confused abt this, ‘a health aerobics program Lee Seung Gi personally developed in the military’. So there’s an army aerobics program developed by our Seung Gi?

  2. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    Awwww, that’s our Seung Gi. Always working, always thinking of making things better. We are so proud of you and we are waiting for your release, fighting!

  3. That’s our exemplary soldier Seung Gi. Good Job! keep it up and always stay healthy, we are patiently waiting for your release,

  4. D Lee says:

    Oh yes, not only is Seung Gi amazing, adorable, exemplary and diligent, he is conscientious too. He ensures that everybody in the camp takes good care of their health too. Seung Gi is simply marvellous. It’s no wonder that all of you adore him so much.

  5. D Lee says:

    To sum it up…Lee Seung Gi truly is the one and only and the very best in everything he partakes.

  6. D Lee says:

    Lee Seung Gi is certainly an amazing guy. To take the initiative to come up with a health aerobics programme is something great and cool. I believe the health programme must have covered nutritional aspects regarding food and also exercises to build up one’s strength and health. Way to go..Seung Gi! I am very happy to hear such wonderful news and am also very happy for Seung Gi. He is truly second to none, our dear Seung Gi! I believe all of us, his fans, are real proud of him.

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