16.10.03 GFF Backstage Fanpics 13 – Lee Seung Gi

Not sure which day of the festival this is from:

credit: qlcsksms01

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9 Responses to 16.10.03 GFF Backstage Fanpics 13 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute and hot rolled into one= Seunggiyah! 😍🐼

  2. D Lee says:

    Wow, Seung Gi is a hunk all right!

  3. Elvira campo says:

    Hi Seung Gi, happy Friday, I want you Friday, may this Valentine’s weekend be filled with much love of many joys and many many friendships! Seung Gi does not have recent photos 😦

  4. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    You have made my day! Nothing better for a boring and stressful day at work and being pumped up and recharged by this gorgeous creature God had gifted us. Awwww, Every time I see him, I feel proud of myself, I choose well who to be a fan , being a Worldren, following this Sweet one with so many like me that luv him to death, aww, bien hecho! Hugs to everyone, may you have a great Seung full day!

  5. D Lee says:

    Men in general look more and more gorgeous as they hit 30s and 40s. Seung Gi is one of them. He is simply so gorgeous that looking at his photo is enough to make us feel happy and filled with lots of love for him.

  6. D Lee says:

    Really? I must be wrong then. I always thought that as men grow older they become more distinguished looking. For what it’s worth, Seung Gi always looks amazingly adorable and dashing.

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