Lee Seung Gi’s Anticipated Discharge Gets the Most Attention from the Industry

TVReport conducted a survey of ‘which star’s discharge is anticipated’ among entertainment reporters and industry insiders.

1st place: ‘Nation’s Younger Brother → Beast-Gi’ Lee Seung Gi

Words like Nation’s Younger Brother no longer fit him. Lee Seung Gi who has fully matured into manhood. With activities in singing, acting, and variety, he topped the survey as the unrivaled #1. With a whopping 47.368% of the votes.

Especially after Shindong who witnessed Lee Seung Gi in his military service said “he became Beast-Gi,” Lee Seung Gi’s growth has gained even more anticipation. Those who are looking forward to his discharge gave these reasons: “He’s an actor that showed good acting in good projects in an era with a shortage of actors in their 20s;” “How has he changed from the Nation’s Younger Brother? I’m looking forward to his transformation;” “I expect to be able to see more mature acting and singing from him after his military service;” “He’s a versatile entertainer who was active in singing, acting and variety, so I’m looking forward to his comeback in various fields;” “Now that his public relationship is over, I think he’ll be able to fly even more freely.”

Lee Seung Gi who beat several competitors to take the 1st place with flying colors. Variety, music, acting. He moved from field to field freely without missing anything. So the expectation is inevitably high… (list of SG’s projects)

The project where he shined the most was The King 2 Hearts. The insiders who pointed this out said, “This is the project that confirmed the fact that Lee Seung Gi is good at acting. He also had good chemistry with Ha Ji Won,” “He showed more mature acting in his character.” But there are also a lot of reporters/insiders who remember him in variety. “His chemistry with Na PD was good;” “The way he traveled with hyungs in NJttW was good;” “His innate variety sense is very impressive;” “I’m more used to seeing him in variety than acting, and his image outside the projects is also good.”

source: tvreport via naver
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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26 Responses to Lee Seung Gi’s Anticipated Discharge Gets the Most Attention from the Industry

  1. piratri says:

    I really hope everything good flood to him after discharge. He really deserve it.

  2. 에인젤 says:

    This is really heart flattering as a fan of him. Im so proud of him that makes me look forward to meet him soon. I wish opportunity comes to me to meet him once in my life. We are waiting lee seing gi oppa!😙♡♡♡

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  4. D Lee says:

    Looks like many of us ( fans and those from the entertainment industry ) are eagerly anticipating Seung Gi’s military discharge. He is such an awesome guy and is conscientious too. The way I see it, Seung Gi gives his very best be it in the entertainment field or in the military.

    And yes, I agree (100%) that Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won had good chemistry and were deeply in love in TK2H and yes (deep in my heart) I wish both of them can be together and be in love like they were in TK2H. Ha..ha..looks like I am living in a dreamland, wishing and wishing.

    All I can say is that many of us, Seung Gi’s fans…we adore him, respect him and we wish him the very best in all his endeavours.

  5. D Lee says:

    Oh Tryp96, thank you so much for translating the report about Seung Gi to English for us. I noticed that you have translated many Seung Gi’s articles from Korean to English to enable non-Korean fans to understand them. I am grateful and truly appreciate your efforts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Now that his public relationship is over, I think he’ll be able to fly even more freely.”

    Am I the only that sees this as a really stupid comment? Like what’s the relevance of that even? So anyone who has a public relationship, they’re somehow “locked” or “hindered”? lol I don’t think so.

    LSG was doing travel-reality, drama, and film during that period. He couldn’t possibly fly any higher than that in his professional field.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean that “he couldn’t possibly fly any higher than that in his professional field?” Of course he can! And he will!

      • Anonymous says:

        I meant that he couldn’t possibly be any more busier than that, thus he was already flying freely and highly. Get it?


        • Anonymous says:

          Well, Tryp merely translated the article based on what was actually said and written. If you think that is a stupid comment, go to reporter’s site and tell him/them. Your valuable comment won’t be viewed by him/them here.

          Why does someone as smart as you bother coming to this blog when you think that everything and everyone here is stupid? If you are here, pls show some respect for the blog and the people commenting here. Don’t use ‘freedom of speech’ as an excuse to express contemptuous and rude comments. Freedom of speech does not include making rude and hateful remarks. You don’t go into someone’s house and start bashing the things and peoole in it. That is hostile invasion, not freedom.

          And you know the 10 commandments? Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

          • Anonymous says:

            Haha the 10 commandments? What in the world? Who told you to assume that I’m christian in the 1st place?

            I’m not even going to reply to the rest of the gibberish you wrote. Don’t tell others what to do. If you think people are going to post only what you want to hear or read go elsewhere or ignore.

            I’m not breaking any rules, and who the heck are you again? Thought so.

    • impreza says:

      I agree with the reporter. It’s not about having a public relationship. Many actors are in a public relationship and there isn’t any problem – some even make up fake relationships to benefit their careers. However in Seung Gi’s case I think his relationship definitely hindered him and he looks much better now that it’s over. He exudes positive energy and he looks free, yes.

    • Crazyahjummafan says:

      I yhink that the public relationship that was referred to is his mandatory military service. It is considered a service to the public. And of course, with that duty over, Seunggi can now fly.

  7. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    He is THE BEST, our Beast-Gi, never letting us down. We are all anticipating great projects to come, because asa l a man of his word “he will come back as a real and better Man” . Awww We feel so proud of Him. Yeap , our Seung Gi is and always be #1!

  8. MJ says:

    So proud of Seung Gi! Who can beat this man? No one else will 💪 Can’t wait for October 31st 😊

  9. D Lee says:

    All of us are looking forward to October 31st. From the article above and all the other articles about Seung Gi, it’s obvious that Seung Gi is well-loved by everyone. Truly, no one can beat Seung Gi and he is and will always be #1.

    #1 in his singing, acting, hosting and gorgeous personality! More importantly, he is and will always be # 1 in our hearts, his fans’ hearts !

  10. Lou Calderon says:

    I wish He would visit Manila too. God bless.

  11. D Lee says:

    I believe there will be lots of fans waiting outside the military camp for Seung Gi on the day of his military discharge. It’ll be nice too if only we can be there to greet him. 🙂

  12. D Lee says:

    Oh yes, I just want to share episode 35 of 1D2N ( I think it’s episode 35 if my memory serves me correctly ) about Seung Gi playing table-tennis with MC Mong. His co-hosts were having a hilarious time watching both Seung Gi and MC Mong serving the ping-pong ball and hitting it with their ping-pong bats in a slow motion manner . I had a good laugh too.

    Honestly, we really get to see Seung Gi as who he is in 1D2N, a fun-loving, charming and down-to-earth guy. I love watching him in 1D2N.

    • MJ says:

      I hope 1n2d season1 (Seung Gi with his hyungs) will have a 10th year anniversary reunion. I’m getting more excited!! October 31st cannot come soon enough.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is One Night Two Days. So 1N2D. Not 1D2N.

    • D Lee says:

      Sorry! I got confused. Can’t be helped. As one grows older the brain and the fingers work at different speed and sometimes the brain gets a bit muddled up. :-), 🙂 , 🙂

  14. babygirl says:

    I’m missing him…miss him a lot

  15. D Lee says:

    Oh, I got it!. I googled Airen World and just discovered that it’s a place/blog ( am not so sure which one it is ) where Lee Seung Gi connects with his fans from all over the world. Thus, there are LSG Singapore, LSG Phillipines etc. That’s lovely indeed!

    I figured Airen means Loved One, if translated from Mandarin. Er..I only know a bit of Mandarin I am afraid.

    Well, well…Seung Gi is truly a lucky chap and we, his fans are equally lucky. We are all linked to Seung Gi in Airen World via Tryp’s blog. Three cheers for that and three cheers for Tryp !

    Not forgetting our dear awesome Seung Gi, …well….I have many many cheers for him. 🙂

  16. mywaywardsoulph says:

    Reblogged this on Xiarna's World.

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