Lee Seung Gi Autographed Steaming Pitcher

Haha, this is definitely the most unique and precious steaming pitcher in the world. 😛

To xx ♥♥♥
Because It’s My Coffee!! ㅎ
Lee Seung Gi

credit: gysezsot

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3 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Autographed Steaming Pitcher

  1. D Lee says:

    Wow, you’re lucky! Seung Gi keeps you company each time you get yourself a mug of coffee to drink. Coffee for two, eh? 🙂 , 🙂 , 🙂

  2. D Lee says:

    Lee Seung Gi has a bold and impressive signature. I remember an elderly man once told me that people whose signatures are bold and impressive are people who are great and who can do great things. It’s very true for Seung Gi. He is great and very well-known and he also does great things. Besides his vocation ( singer, host and actor ), Seung Gi also gets involved in charitable work and reaches out to the needy.

    I truly feel blessed and delighted that I got to know who Lee Seung Gi is through his songs, dramas, variety shows and through the news about his charitable work and endorsement work.

    I am also very happy that I am able to post my views in Tryp’s blog and also get to read and know even more about Seung Gi through the photos, articles and views post by other Seung Gi’s fans.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want one too

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