Like Star (Lee Seung Gi), Like Fan

I don’t usually post things about fans on the blog, but this is really sweet, and it doesn’t fit in a tweet. 😛

This guy has been a fan boy of SeungGi for 13 years! He went to SeungGi’s army send-off with this placard: “Hyung! I’ll follow you soon.” And he really did. He enlisted in September, and is now a PFC. He’s currently on leave and has been updating his IG. He posted a screencap of himself holding the placard, and said, “SWC celebrity, SAC fan.” SAC stands for Special Assault Commando.

credit: jiho2565

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1 Response to Like Star (Lee Seung Gi), Like Fan

  1. leeseunggi fan says:

    awwww. thats actually a really sweet story.
    i am sure seung gi himself would be so proud.
    the power of lee seung gi, attracting different fans from different backgrounds, ethnicity, age group, gender.

    anyways 7 more months to go.
    lee seung gi fighting 🙂

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