17.03.06 World Airen’s Surprise Fan Event

This surprise fan event was organized in celebration of the release of SeungGi’s special album. World Airen sent a care package that includes the special album, coffee capsules, and castella cakes to everyone in SeungGi’s unit yesterday. So the soldiers can enjoy some coffee time with SeungGi’s sweet voice.

credit: lsgkwa

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6 Responses to 17.03.06 World Airen’s Surprise Fan Event

  1. magejoba says:

    What a beautiful detail. I imagine that having been very happy, the biggest and most important detail for him is that they do not forget him and he is very loved.

  2. Our wonderful Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen Family is alway the Best.Thank you very very much ❤

  3. winter says:

    I’m so impressed and proud of world airen! Those people behind these wonderful surprise gifts. Thumbs up! 진짜~ 월드 아이렌 짱~♡♡♡ 이승기 오빠 surely is happy and grateful to those people. Lucky. God bless!😉❤👍👍👍

  4. missuLSG says:

    Im always impressed by Airens. They prepare such classy gifts

  5. Rita says:

    Hello oppa seung Gi i hope you always healty,happy and joy full of your live…we wait your new drama & your voice again.come to Indonesia….❤

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