Lee Seung Gi 1N2D BTS Story by Writer Lee, Part 2

This confirms what some Airens have known all along! 😛

How to fill his empty spot

Who was Kang HD? He himself was 1N2D! Now what should we do? Kang HD’s empty spot was impossible to fill, a position irreplaceable. So we decided to use a trick, not revealing anything, definitely not letting anyone discover that Kang HD had left the show. We had to redirect their attention to somewhere else. What should we do? We asked each other.

“When did our show achieve the highest ratings?”
“Lee Seung Gi?”
“I was not asking about that. I meant what Seung Gi had to do for viewers to love to watch?”
“……something about eating?”
“Right!! That’s it. Eat!!”

There’s one thing that could stimulate ratings more than Lee Seung Gi drinking up and that’s “finishing up the food”. We decided to use food to hide the empty spot left by Kang HD. Moreover, using everyday food as the theme was too boring. So we decided to find a broader subject. Thus we returned to our original intention.

The original intention of producing 1N2D was the idea of “analog”. Then, an analog concept that’s related to food…what was it?

When I was a kid I often held my mother’s hand going to the 5-day market. It was a wondrous place where I could observe all the things in the world. Of those what’s most attractive to me was syrupy sweet, crunchy, and flavorful pop corn. Even before I ate it, its wonderful aroma had extended a luring hand to grab me. Naturally pop corn became a landmark of the 5-day market.


The best filming location to ignite the analog sensation, right here.
Let’s go visit the 5-day market!!

1N2D Travel Brochure
South Jeolla Province, Gurye Market

At the Gurye market, soon as Seung Gi finished the taping of his opening statement, a 6-year-old kid ran to him asking for a hug. Wherever he went, grandmothers and aunties shook his hand and embraced him. It’s like the venue of a Lee Seung Gi fan meeting. Here, Na PD was asked “who are you?” and felt much humiliated. Lee Seung Gi let everyone know that, in this biggest 5-day market in South Jeolla Province, he was as popular in the countryside as in Seoul.

1N2D Taste Memory
SoonJjaJang (Handmade Jajangmyeon)

This was the jajangmyeon Seung Gi ate in the show. While introducing the Gurye 5-day market, he happened to encounter the village head whom he visited and got treated from in an earlier travel. Seung Gi was so happy he didn’t bother to wear his shoes before embracing the village head. The two were so pleased they even went cheek to cheek. Actually we were always grateful to this kind of preordained relationship. We were trying to find the village head for the special episode of preordained relationship. But we didn’t succeed. However, Seung Gi and Hodong had managed to continue this relationship. They had sent wedding gifts of meat and flowers to the village head’s son, even without the production team’s knowledge.

English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything LSG

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  1. Hope Airen says:

    Aw, Seung Gi is the sweetest, really! ❤ ❤ ❤

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