Student Council President Lee Seung Gi Writes

This is such a rare find! A big thanks to AnnMichelle for translating and sharing!

CheongYeoWoolJe (Name of the festival) Account

by Student Council President Lee Seung Gi

On October 11, after the ceremony to pray for a successful completion of the festival, the CheongYeoWoolJe at Sang Gye High School formally commenced. The first day being coincided with other schools’ exam period, it was predicted not to have too many people attending. The Student Council also expected such.

For this festival, we of the Student Council absorbed and learned from last year’s problems, and have tried to put many solutions into practice. Last year, the activity was focused on classroom setting. Also there was no snack food convenient for people to sample. Therefore, the atmosphere of the festival wasn’t very convivial. To improve on those problems, we actively publicized the use of the athletic field. We at the Council also took on the task of preparing the snack food. At first, most of the council members thought that a simple task. Of course I thought so too. In fact, once in actual operation, it turned out to be manpower consuming, and quite difficult.

Under such chaotic conditions and with less than perfect preparation, contrary to our prediction, many guests showed up at Sang Gye High School. Even on the first day, many people turned up. Despite it being exam time, many students participated as well…

*The translation was based on a scan of (part of) the article from Maya.
Chinese translation by 77meizhinie
English translation by AnnMichelle, Special Contributor to Everything LSG

And here are some pictures from this festival that you may have seen before:

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  1. lindakwt says:

    Wow!! He is really born leader!! Thank you for the translation!!

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