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17.06.30 SWC Concert Fancams 5 – Lee Seung Gi

Love Taught Me to Drink (Even though we’re eagerly awaiting SeungGi’s return, there are actually people who are sad that he’s getting discharged soon! This military wife is one of them. Her husband also serves in the 13th brigade. She … Continue reading


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17.06.30 SWC Concert Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi

These were taken by a concert staff, so the picture quality is slightly better: 😛

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17.06.30 Lee Seung Gi Autographs

This was posted before the concert on Friday, but SeungGi probably signed them much earlier, since the autographs were laminated already. 😛 This military wife says her husband knows someone in SeungGi’s battalion or company, so she asked him to … Continue reading

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17.06.30 SWC Concert Fancams 4 – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 6 clips so far* OK, I just got home after a long road trip, so I’ll need more time to catch up. But here’s something that I wanted to share ASAP. 😛 In the first video, you can … Continue reading

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