17.06.30 Lee Seung Gi Autographs

This was posted before the concert on Friday, but SeungGi probably signed them much earlier, since the autographs were laminated already. 😛

This military wife says her husband knows someone in SeungGi’s battalion or company, so she asked him to get an autograph from SeungGi before he gets discharged. And she got 2; 1 for her, and 1 for her daughter (“To xx ❤ Be healthy & pretty as you grow up!“) SeungGi actually went to her husband’s unit a few months ago, but a lot of soldiers were asking for his autograph, she or her husband couldn’t even squeeze through the crowd. ㅋㅋ She says she’s always liked SeungGi, but after seeing him in real life, she likes him even more. And she hopes to see SeungGi often on TV after he’s discharged.

credit: eunyu__mom
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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